Developed by Jangle quality marked by Young Enterprise Jangle

The app that helps you teach your kids money skills - while making your life easier too

Developed by Jangle quality marked by Young Enterprise Jangle

"Pleassseee Mum", "Pleeeeeeease Daaaaaad"

Sound familiar?

If you have ever heard this chorus from your child when they have found something they really really want, Jangle's here to help.

Jangle is a free app, developed by Experian in partnership with Sarah Willingham, consumer champion and star of BBC's 'Dragons Den', and pfeg (Part of Young Enterprise).

Use it to teach your kids money management skills while helping them save for the things they want.

About Sarah Willingham

Sarah is one of the UK's leading businesswomen, consumer champion and BBC 'Dragon'. She is as passionate about her home life and being a smart consumer as she is about her businesses and providing the best customer service.

She applies her innate business savvy at home and is regularly asked to share her consumer expertise on national TV and in the press, becoming one of the best known female consumer champions in the UK. Sarah lives in Oxfordshire with her husband Michael and their four young children: Minnie (8), Monti (7), Nelly (5) and Marly (3).

About pfeg

Pfeg is part of Young Enterprise and together we are the UK's leading enterprise and financial education charity. The Quality Mark is awarded to financial education resources that contain accurate and up to date information, are of the highest educational value and are engaging and relevant for young people. You can find out more about pfeg at

About Experian

Experian is the world's leading information services company and we operate the UK's largest credit reference agency. We help people understand, manage and improve their credit report and protect their personal and financial information online. We also help companies manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. In 2015, we were named by Forbes magazine as one of the 'World's Most Innovative Companies'.

Experian has run a financial education programme in the UK since the mid-1990s and develops a variety of resources to help people of all ages get to grips with issues around money, credit and credit checking. Since 2013, Experian has partnered with the charity 'pfeg' to transform primary schools around the country into national Centres of Excellence for financial education, helping more than 12,000 pupils, parents and teachers improve their money skills. Existing teaching resources include a free interactive resource for primary school pupils and A wide range of guides and educational videos are also available for adults at

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