Change history for Experian Consumer Privacy Policy

May 2018

  • We updated the privacy policy to include information required under GDPR such as data retention periods and contact details for the data protection officer.
  • We expanded and clarified certain descriptions relating to the use of cookie and other data for personalisation of on-site experiences.
  • We added more detail to the section which describes how we keep your data secure.
  • We updated and clarified our processing grounds for certain activities.

December 2018

  • We've made updates to reflect new open banking tools that we will be launching. These optional tools will allow you to share your bank statement data with Experian for services such as finding out how much you might be able to afford to repay on a mortgage.
  • There's a new section to explain how we will process your data to send you alerts or notifications when your Experian Credit Score changes. We expect to start sending these notifications before the end of 2018.
  • We updated the description of how we will use your data to personalise the experiences we offer to you and how we gain insight from email tracking to help us better target and improve messaging.
  • There's also more information about how we use your data to create a better understanding of our customers through analysis and what this analysis is used for.

April 2019

  • We've made it clearer what data we collect as part of our comparison service including how long we keep that information for.
  • There's a new section to explain how we will process your data, including why we may ask for special category data, in relation to our insurance comparison service that we expect to launch in 2019.

December 2019

  • We’ve enhanced our existing ‘product eligibility alerts’ feature to help you identify opportunities to save money and benefit from new products as part of your Experian service. We have added further details to explain how we use your data to create these ‘personalised product updates’, and to show examples of the types of scenarios where we may be able to do this.
  • We’ve updated our policy to make it clear that data about when you interact with emails will only be used to improve your interactions with Experian.
  • We want to keep improving our product and services to help you manage your finances and find the right offers for you. We conduct analysis on our customers to help us to do this. We have clarified that we may share our analysis with selected lenders, insurers and brokers so they can determine whether they can improve the products or the terms under which their products are offered to Experian customers.
  • We've clarified the sections of our policy which explain how we will process your data, including why we may ask for special category data and when we will resubmit your quote details for renewal, in relation to our insurance comparison service.