Will repaying CCJ immediately leave an unblemished credit history?

Dear James,

Could you help me please? I have just been served with a CCJ (county court judgment). I have contacted the court they have told me if I pay the balance within the next 28 days they will remove both the CCJ and the default from my credit history, leaving just good credit – is this correct? I have checked the web and this doesn't seem to be true – could you shed any light on this?

George, Liverpool

Dear George,

I have good news and bad news for you. If you repay a court judgment within a calendar month it certainly shouldn’t be registered on your credit report. I’m afraid, though, that this has absolutely no effect on any default records that have been registered on your report. They stay on your report for six years (from the default date) and can only be removed earlier than that if the creditor in question agrees to it. It’s worth checking your credit report a little while later just to make sure the judgment has been removed. You might also be able to identify actions you can take to improve your credit history for the future. While you’re being proactive, why not check out the Money Advice Service’s free health-check tool for a quick money makeover? (April 2012)


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