Will insurance quotations hurt my credit rating?

Dear James,

On my credit report there are a number of entries from companies such as AA, Churchill, Royal & Sun Alliance, Direct Line etc.  Some show as "Insurance Quotation", or "ID: Generic Check" or "Unrecorded Enquiry".  Please can you confirm whether these searches are visible to companies from whom I may borrow money? As I can only assume they are from an insurance quote I ran through someone like Confused.Com but I have NOT taken up insurance with them.  I'm really worried this will affect my credit rating.

Kathryn, Liverpool

Dear Kathryn,

I understand your concerns, but you’ve no need to worry. All routine checks of your credit report are logged so you can see and check them. Each search footprint will show the name of the organisation that carried out the search, the reason for the check and when it took place. There are a wide variety of reasons for checks to take place and your question includes a fair few. Importantly, though, only checks made to support your actual credit applications leave the type of search footprint that can affect credit scoring. As a result, checks registered as ‘insurance quotation’, ‘ID check’ or unrecorded enquiry’ will have no impact on your credit rating at all. You can read more about previous search footprints in our fact sheet. (April 2012, updated December 2013)


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