Will my credit history be the same at each CRA?

Dear James,

I would like to know if your reports hold the same information as other credit reference agencies or if not how do they differ?

John, Irvine

Dear John,

You may well find a lot of similarities between your Experian credit report and one produced by another credit reference agency (CRA), but there are likely to be differences too. Your credit report may include information taken from the public records, such as electoral roll details. Because this information is collected by all three CRAs, it should be the same. However, your report also includes information provided by lenders, such as which credit agreements you have and how you are repaying them. Because not all lenders share details about their customers with all three CRAs, this information can differ between the CRAs. Your credit report also includes information derived from activity on your report, such as the search footprints that are registered when your report is viewed. So if you apply for credit and the lender carries out a check with just one CRA – which many do – a footprint will only be registered with the CRA that was consulted. (July 2012)


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