How does a statutory report differ from others?

Dear James,

Can you tell me, how does the statutory report differ from the normal one?  

Derek, Birmingham

Dear Derek,

The information on your credit report is the same whether you get it through a statutory report or an online monitoring service like CreditExpert. Your credit report is a copy of all the information we hold in your name that’s available to lenders to help them assess applications for credit. The main component of your report will usually be your past and present credit agreements, which include any current balances and your repayment history over the past six years. Added to this you’ll find any relevant public records such as the electoral roll, court judgments and insolvencies, as well as previous search footprints and links to other names, addresses and people. Where you will find differences is in the supporting information provided with the reports. A statutory report is simply a list containing of all of this information. A service like CreditExpert, however, will give you access to other benefits such as helpful summaries, scores based on your credit report and other features such as regular monitoring and intelligent price comparison – where credit offers are displayed that you are more likely to be accepted for.  Check out this comparison table for a full list of features and benefits, to help you decide which service to use in the future (November 2012)


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