How can we correct inaccurate car history listing?

Dear James,

We are currently trying to sell my wife’s car, but the garage did a check with Experian and it's marked as a category D write-off which has come about since we've had the car. We weren't aware of this and our insurance company are denying they've had this added. Who else could have had this put on, and how do I get it removed?

Tim, Nantwich

Dear Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch. Your best course of action would be to re-contact the garage that performed the Experian vehicle history check and ask them to contact the relevant Experian customer support team to query the accuracy of this report. They will then investigate the write-off flag and relay their findings to the garage, which can then update you. If the flag does turn out to be wrong, which given what you’ve said is highly likely, I’m sure it will be swiftly removed. (November 2012)


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