Will family CCJs blacken future credit and job checks?

Dear James,

I have found out that there are CCJs at my previous addresses for a member of my family with the same surname. I think these are having an impact on my chances of obtaining work and credit. Is there a way of me getting them separated from them?

Ruby, Peterborough

Dear Ruby,

Credit checks used to include financial details about family members with the same surname, but that was tightened up about ten years ago. Nowadays, unless you share a financial link with someone then their personal financial details will not be factored into your credit rating. Employee financial checks are usually limited to publicly available data in the applicant’s name, so when you apply for a job any CCJs registered against other people should not affect you at all.

I suggest you order a copy of your credit report. This will show you all the information under your name available through a credit check. Your report will also reveal the names of anyone else at your current or previous addresses you are financially linked to, which would allow your lenders to check their data too when assessing your credit rating. But I suspect that the CCJs at your previous address are registered against someone you don’t share a financial link with, meaning you won’t see any information about them on your credit report and neither will your lenders. (June 2013)


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