Where can I see your debt maps featured on BBC?

Dear James,

I watched the BBC Breakfast News this morning and a man from Experian was on there, discussing an interesting report that Experian created about UK debt by region. There was also a map of the UK shaded to indicate the regions that had debt and he also mentioned age groups within those regions. I have searched the web and BBC as I would like a copy of the report, is it possible to come back to me as to whether the report is available or where I can find.

Emile, Hythe

Dear Emile,

I’m glad you found the report interesting. I am that man (!) and it was certainly an experience doing the interview live from a very cold and noisy metal works in Merthyr Tydfil, and at the crack of dawn! We have put full details of the analysis we carried out for BBC Breakfast on the Experian press office website, including regional breakdowns of debt for different subgroups of the population. I hope you find it useful. (February 2014)


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