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What is a background check?

A background check is a screening solution for landlords and employers, informing them of key information that might affect a candidate’s ability to perform a role or a tenant’s ability to pay rent.

How do I carry out a background check?

If you’re an employer, the Experian Candidate Verifier gives you all the tools you need to effectively screen your candidates. If you’re a landlord, use the Experian Tenant Verifier to take the guesswork out of choosing tenants.

How long do background checks take?

The UK turnaround time varies depending on the type of background check being carried out. Adverse Financial Checks and Identity Checks can be carried out instantly. Media Checks, Sanctions File Checks, FCA Checks, and Directors Searches take around four hours. DVLA checks take eight hours. Personal References and Employment, Education, Professional and Technical Membership Referencing can take between 10-15 days to process.Basic Criminal Record Checks take between 14-21 days to process. Standard Criminal Record Checks can take up to four weeks, whilst enhanced Criminal Record Checks can take up to six weeks.

What are pre employment checks?

Pre employment checks allow organisations to verify a candidate’s claims and confirm their ability to carry out a role. The types of checks carried out will vary depending on the nature of the role, but pre employment checks can include an identity check, employment and educational history, professional and technical membership, sanctions, media profiles and adverse financial status. Some roles may also necessitate a criminal record check. Pre employment screening helps to protect organisations from application fraud, alongside the damages to reputation, integrity and profit that can arise from poor recruitment.

How do I get CRB checked?

An employer can ask for a CRB check (sometimes called a DBS check) for certain roles. If you need a CRB check for your role, your employer should provide you with all necessary forms and information. However, if you need to run a check on yourself, you can get a ‘basic disclosure’ with details of any unspent convictions, by contacting Disclosure Scotland.

What is a reference check?

Reference checks are used to confirm the veracity of a candidate’s employment and educational history. They can also be used to fill any gaps in employment and to vouch for a candidate’s character and abilities. There are numerous types of reference checks. Education references are used to confirm a candidate’s attendance of their stated educational establishment, alongside any qualifications gained. Employment references are used to confirm a candidate’s employment history. Professional and technical membership references are used to confirm a candidate’s membership of official professional and technical bodies, alongside any positions and qualifications held. Finally, personal references, also known as character references, are provided by someone who knows the individual and who can vouch for their character and abilities. Experian will confirm with the referee how long they have known the individual, their relationship and whether they would doubt their honesty and integrity.

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