Identity checks and verification

55% of today’s consumers say security is the most important aspect of their online experience, with UK customers rating identity theft as their greatest concern. Investing in modern ID verification won’t just protect you from the cost of fraud, it will also help you retain and attract new customers.

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Identity checks and verification

Today’s ID checking processes offer sophisticated, real-time verification methods so that you can quickly spot ID fraud without inconveniencing genuine customers. 

Does your business need to carry out identity and verification checks? Do you want to ensure you can do all the required checks to help meet your regulation and compliance needs around Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Age Verification? Click the headings below to find out how Experian can help your business.

CrossCore Identity Services is flexible and customizable, providing you with the ability to carry out the exact identity and verification checks you need to prevent fraud and protect your business. A cloud-based, future proof solution that meets all your end-to-end identity and verification needs, while offering a seamless customer experience for rapid and smooth onboarding.

Rapid smooth onboarding

Customers' expectations have changed so much over the last few years, customers want a quick and seamless experience every time they do anything on-line and have little time for any friction in the journey. CrossCore Identity Services can help you to carry out the exact identity and verification checks you need for your business and to help you meet KYC, AML, and Age Verification checks. All whilst offering a seamless journey for customers and potential customers.

Easy to integrate cloud-based platform

Our modern technology provides future-proof flexibility and ability to adapt to future innovations and market changes quickly with no additional technology needed, it provides scalability for growth and allows you to add new solutions easily.

The single open platform allows for smart integration and flexible orchestration, all which can be decided by you.

Tailored ID and verification checks with complete transparency

Using the most comprehensive data sources and an extensive menu of Identity Attributes provides checks and validation of the legitimacy and accuracy of an identity, along with the elements that constitute that individual’s digital identity, whilst offering a smooth, seamless customer experience to maximise “good” customer onboarding.

Helping you to comply with regulation

A framework in place which quickly adapts to new or changing regulations, ensuring compliance – now and in the future for KYC, AML, and Age Verification. We offer a whole spectrum of identity and verification check technologies to keep you up to date with the best solutions available – now and in the future, including:

  • Traditional
  • Behavioural biometrics
  • Device
  • Machine Learning

Learn more about our CrossCore Identity Services API’s and how they can help your business

Interested in discovering our API’s?  On Experian’s Developer Portal you can easily access our CrossCore Identity Services API’s. Get insight into Experian integration criteria by viewing instructions on how to easily access and integrate data and understand how our API’s meet your business needs.

Click here to access: 

  • Tutorials on how to use APIs step-by-step
  • The extensive full catalogue of Experian API's
  • Information on how to acquire information through a data capture form
  • Insight into how available information can be requested and consumed and much more

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