Identity checks and verification

55% of today’s consumers say security is the most important aspect of their online experience, with UK customers rating identity theft as their greatest concern. Investing in modern ID verification won’t just protect you from the cost of fraud, it will also help you retain and attract new customers.

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Identity checks and verification

Today’s ID checking processes offer sophisticated, real-time verification methods so that you can quickly spot ID fraud without inconveniencing genuine customers. Click the headings below to find out how Experian can help your business.

While it’s vital to reduce your organisation’s exposure to identity fraud, you also need to ensure that necessary checks don’t negatively impact customer experience. Robust, real-time processing helps you strike the right balance between risk mitigation and efficient client servicing.  

Keep it simple

The simpler it is for legitimate customers to access your service, the less likely they are to go elsewhere. Real-time digital ID checking tools, like those provided by Experian’s Prove ID, help you verify a customer’s identity in seconds, so you can onboard them quickly while meeting all regulatory requirements, including Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. 

Moving beyond passwords

Experian’s recent Global Identity and Fraud report showed that today’s customers prefer biometrics, PIN codes sent to mobile phones and behavioural analytics as methods of authentication. That’s not just because they’re faster than traditional approaches that rely on customers entering details into a form, but also because they’re seen as more secure. If you’re ready to upgrade to passive forms of verification, Experian can help you make the switch.

Avoid manual checks

One way to speed up ID checks and improve customer experience is to remove manual authentication wherever possible, while still giving your agents the power to step in when required. One tool that can help with this is Experian’s Knowledge IQ. It offers a configurable, multifaceted authentication process that incorporates passive device checks and automated challenge questions. The resulting risk score is precise and clear, helping your operation make fast, fair decisions. 

Sophisticated, yet slick

You don’t need to sacrifice diligence for deftness. Using the right tools with the right data sources enables you to check more than just an individual’s name and address in real-time. Depending on your needs, you can also confirm their age, documentation, bank details, criminal record, employment status and more. With over one billion records and a wide choice of integration methods, Experian can deliver all manner of rapid ID checks.   

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