Winding up petition

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Winding up petitions are a long and complex process, for example petitions will be classed as unadvertised before they actually go to court. However, when should you take notice of a winding up petition? When does a winding up petition actually affect a business credit score? What is a winding up petition? A winding up […]

Late Payments: SMEs are owed almost £55bn

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Small and medium UK businesses are owed more than £55 billion in unpaid or outstanding invoices, a new study has revealed. The study, conducted by the European payment systems provider Sage Pay, has found the average business is owed £11,358, with 44% of SME’s having experienced problems when their invoices were paid late, one in […]

Steep rise in detected and prevented fraud attempts during second half of 2013

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Number of detected fraudulent credit card applications highest level in three years, while detected cases of insurance fraud at highest recorded level

Endless possibilities. One Mosaic.

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The new version of Mosaic, launched today, reflects the large changes seen in UK society in the last few years, with rural to urban relocation, an increasing number of people renting their accommodation and technology trends impacting society enormously. Read on to find out more.

Assess the affordability of each customer

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Discover how to remain compliant and minimise risk whilst providing a suitable and responsible service to your customers.

Same people, different channels

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Segmentation in the offline world has traditionally been based on factors such as location, buying behavior and to some extent how they use different channels. It has enabled brands to view their customers in distinct categories and shape their marketing based on those categories. These days however the online environment has added a new layer of complexity.

The Retail Fraud Show 2014

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Showcasing innovation and expertise.

The role of a scorecard

Posted on Mar 24 2014 by

Credit scoring has been common practice for many years now among banks and other financial institutions. Other industries are just starting to realise its benefits. Today, in our Big Data society, there is such an astronomical amount of data available to us that it can be mind-boggling to make sense of it all. Read our blog to find out more

Customer Lifetime Value part 2 — seven steps from concept to reality

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Seven factors to consider when building a customer lifetime value model.

Payment Strategies 2014 – 18 June – 30 Euston Square, London

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Our annual Payment Strategies conference is back again this year.