• Our services use cookies and other similar technologies, such as tracking tags, to help provide you with a better, faster, safer and more personalised experience.

    On our mobile app we deploy integrated Software Development Kits (SDK’s) to implement tools to understand how users interact with our app, to identify and fix issue and improve the user experience.

    In this guide, we’ll use the word “cookies” as a shorthand for cookies and similar technologies which rely on information stored on your computer or mobile device. How do these technologies work:


    Cookies are small text files that your computer or mobile device downloads and stores on your browser when you visit a website. When you return to a website, it recognises these cookies stored on your browser.

    Tracking tags

    Used in conjunction with cookies, tracking tags allow our partners to track certain elements of your interactions with Experian's websites (e.g. have you set up an Experian account or used certain features). This information is used to help improve the targeting of our advertising (e.g. we may avoid advertising products to customers who have already signed up to them or target customers we believe are more likely to want our products and services).

    Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Used to implement third-party tools into our mobile app. They are contained within the codebase of the application and when active will run in the background of the app as you use it. The analytics they generate are used for identifying and fixing issues, product development and understanding user needs. Optional SDK’s can be disabled within the app at the user’s discretion. SDK’s necessary for the app to function will remain active.

    Device information

    Each time you visit our website from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop), we collect information about the device or browser you are using and we may use this information to help us monitor your use of our website and other services. Where this information is used to try and create a unique identifier for you, it is known as device fingerprinting, which we may do to improve your security and convenience. We do not use device fingerprinting to support our marketing.

    Local storage

    Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or application to store information locally on your computer or mobile device.

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  • In addition to the technologies mentioned above, we may use performance tracking technology within our emails to improve our future interactions with you. This means we are able to capture information including (but not limited to) the time and date you open our e-mails. This technology does not drop cookies and doesn’t rely on anything being stored on your device. It may include the use of “pixels”, a small amount of code in webpage or email which allows us to learn how you have interacted with certain content.

    We use this information primarily to understand whether our e-mails are opened and what links are clicked on. We then use this information to improve the emails and other communications that we send or display to you, and the services that we provide.

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  • Some of the cookies we use are necessary, whereas others are optional.

    Necessary cookies

    These enable the core functionality of our website. They are essential and can only be disabled through changing your browser settings. If you do switch off these cookies in your browser, parts of our website may not work correctly.

    Optional cookies

    Optional cookies include advertising, performance and analytics cookies. Further description of how these cookies, and how they are used in conjunction with tracking tags to improve track, measure and improve your online experiences are provided below. You can change your mind about which optional cookies you would like to accept at any time by clicking the ‘Cookies and online marketing’ link on every page.

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  • Necessary cookies

    These cookies allow you to log in to secure areas of our site, move around the site and use its features. They also ensure your security and privacy when using our website. These cookies don’t gather information about you that is used for marketing purposes.

    We’ve outlined how we use these cookies in the table below:

    ProviderCookie namePurposeExpiry
    Experian_csrf, XSRF-TOKEN, cSecures the data sent between your computer and our servers.Session
    ExperianAu, pnrs, s, si, authId, x-sessionId, ai_session, ai_userMaintains your website session to keep you secure without having to keep logging in.Session
    ExperianidentitySplash, showinfo, firstSessionThese cookies are used to display an introduction pop-up containing service and legal messages on your first visit to our website.Session
    ExperianConnect.sidA cookie that is used to access the correct in-memory storage on the server.Session
    ExperianEsi, theme, Brandidentifier, origin, useNewLogin, tag, expMember, sessionTimeoutFrom, isCreditExpertMember, relayStateThese cookies help us deliver the right product and service to you.Session
    ExperianlangThis cookie stores your chosen language.Session
    Experianis404Redirect, x-refId, Session_id, Sessionid, captureKeyThese cookies enable our logging software which is used to troubleshoot any site or security issues.Session
    ExperianoosUidThis cookie enables us to make forms work when you are not logged in.Session
    Experian__RequestVerificationTokenUsed to secure the messages being sent to avoid them being “replayed” and someone hijacking the users session at a later time.Session
    ExperianssoQuery, issuerType, clientIdThis cookie ensures that you are taken to the correct page after you have entered your login details.Session
    Imperva (Incapsula)visid_incap, _incap_ses, nlbi, ___utmvbcXuvyvZ ZThese cookies are associated with Incapsula DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall. They are used to secure your visits to our website and to ensure the site is running smoothly.One year
    .Net.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.9e37H99EkwAThese cookies are associated with .Net. They are used to secure your visits to our website and to ensure the site is running smoothly.Expiry session
    DynatracedtCookie, dtLatC, dtPC, dtSa, rxVisitor, rxvtThese cookies are associated with Dynatrace. They are used to secure your visits to our website and to ensure the site is running smoothly.Session
    Eloqua CRMEloqua, visitor/v200/svrGP.aspx, elqstatus, visitor/v200/svrGPMakes it possible for you to send us your details securely (e.g. when you first sign up or use our marketplace services).Session
    Ensighten3522, 49659, 49722, Analytics_Referre r_Data, check, ens_loginSuccess, ensScoreCard, expMember, _ga_ens, _gat_pulseTracker, ens_loginIntent, ens_loginJourney, EXPERIAN_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_Advertising, EXPERIAN_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_BANNER_LOADED, EXPERIAN_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_BANNER_VIEWED, EXPERIAN_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_MODAL_VIEWED, EXPERIAN_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_Performance_and_Analytics, authenticationECDEventSet, upsellintent, ens_subscriptionSwitch, Family, Score, ScoreBand, UserID, CustomerStatus, CohortGroups, EligibleForTrial, ensScoreCardUsed in the delivery of cookies described elsewhere in this document and to record your cookie preferences.One year
    Live ChatEnable us to have live chat conversations with visitors on our site.Session
    Experiangpv_pv, expTrafficSource, __utmzzses, ExpPD, ExpAThese cookies store session information to ensure our website works correctly.Session
    Salesforce Experience CloudBrowserId, BrowserId_sec, CookieConsentPolicy, guest_uuid_essential_0DM0Y000000hQoG, renderCtx, sfdc-streamExperience Cloud uses cookies to improve functionality and accelerate processing times.Session
    WordpressPHPSESSIDSets the parameters for the sessions based cookies.Session
    Solar winds/Pingdompa_enabled, paUsed to monitor uptime of the site.Session
    .Net.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.9fXoN5jHCXsThese cookies are associated with .Net, they are used for security, protecting the website from malicious form posts.Session
    Experiancc-allow-adsThese cookies are used to set your cookie preferences.Session
    Experiancc-allow-analyticsThese cookies are used to set your cookie preferences.Session
    .Netai_sessionMaintains your website session to keep you secure without having to keep logging in.Session
    .Netai_userMaintains your website session to keep you secure without having to keep logging in.Session
    Experianv2-userIdentifierWe store this to ensure you have a static reference for subsequent visits to the site so that we can give you a consistent experience.One year
    Experian047bebe6ec44cfbTo store the application session for authentication and user login. The cookie is only valid for the login journey session.Session
    ExperianamlbcookieTo store the application session for authentication and user login. The cookie is only valid for the browser session.Session

    Advertising cookies

    These cookies help us show you online advertisements tailored to your interests when you are on other websites including Facebook, Google and other high traffic websites such as The Times. They gather information about you and about your interactions with us online to provide you with more relevant advertising. Disabling advertising cookies won’t stop you seeing adverts, however the adverts you do see may be less personalised to you.

    We’ve outlined how we use these cookies in the table below:

    ProviderCookie namePurposeExpiry
    Google Ads (DoubleClick)1P_JAR, ANID, CONSENT, FLC, _gac, _gcl_au, _gcl_dc, IDE, uuid, rc::a. rc::c, mVisStatus, collect, pagead/1p-user-list/#, pagead/landingExperian works with Google to use DoubleClick cookies to target advertising based on what’s likely to be relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance, and to avoid showing people ads they have already seen. The cookies themselves contain no personally identifiable information. Depending on the publisher’s and user’s settings, information associated with cookies used in advertising may be added to the user’s Google Account. If you opt out of Ad personalisation using Google's Ads Settings, you will no longer receive personalised advertising from Google.Three months
    Affiliate Window_gcl_aw, awxxxx, _aw_m_, _aw_sn_7716Experian and its partners work with Affiliate Window to use cookies and other technologies to track when a partner website sends a customer to Experian’s websites, so that we can reward them for the referral. Affiliate Window will also use characteristics of your device (a ‘device fingerprint’) to improve their tracking accuracy.Session
    Bing AdsMR, MUID, _uetsid, _uetvid, _uetvid_expExperian works with Bing (part of Microsoft) to use cookies to target advertising based on what’s likely to be relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance, and to avoid showing people ads they have already seen.One month
    Facebook Advertising_fbp, Fr, AA03, ATN, bounce, fr/b.php, trThese cookies are used by Facebook to deliver, measure and improve the relevancy of ads shown either on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet. In addition to changing your advertising cookie preference with Experian, you can make choices about how your data is used in advertising here: https://www.aboutads.info/choices and https://www.youronlinechoices.euThree months
    Twitter Advertisingpersonalization_id, i/adsctCollects information about how visitors use our website and any advertising that visitors may have seen before coming to our site.Two years
    LinkedIn advertisingli_gc, lang, bcookie, bscookie, li_sugr, lidc, UserMatchHistoryThese cookies are used by Microsoft for targeted advertising outside of our website.One year
    Amazon Advertisingad-id, ad-privacy, ecm3Enables us to exclude you from receiving adverts for our services if you have already been shown our adverts on the Amazon Advertising Platform.259 days
    Casale MediaCMID, CMPRO, CMPS, CMRUM3, CMST, rumTrack when you have been shown an advertisement. You can opt out of Casale tracking here.One year
    OpenXi, w/1.0/sdAllow us to deliver online programmatic advertising. You can opt out here.Session
    SpotXaudience, partnerThese help us to track our video audiences.27 days
    TvSquared_tq_id.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTV Squared is used to track the effectiveness of our TV advertising. It does this by matching an anonymised version of the IP address of customers who visit our site or App with an anonymised IP address of people who have Samba TV tracking enabled on their TV or who have enabled pixels to be placed on their TV by CTV Apps. This enables Experian to understand trends about how consumers are responding after they’ve seen our ads. You can opt-out of TVSquared tracking at anytime here: https://collector.tvsquared.com/optout.php. You can also opt-out of Samba TV tracking by changing the settings related to Samba TV in your TV settings or the settings in your CTV apps.One year
    Adobedemdex, dpm, ibs:dpid, s_ecidVia a unique ID that is used for semantic content analysis, the user's navigation on the website is registered and linked to offline data from surveys and similar registrations to display targeted ads.179 days
    Brightcovev2/tracker, everest_g_v2Used in context with video-advertisement. The cookie limits the number of times a user is shown the same advertisement. The cookie is also used to ensure relevance of the video-advertisement to the specific user.Session

    Performance and analytics cookies

    These cookies monitor how our website is performing, allowing us to improve the experience of our site and other services. They also enable us to tailor the site to be relevant to you and your interests.

    We’ve outlined how we use these cookies in the table below:

    ProviderCookie namePurposeExpiry
    Google Analytics_ga_gat, _gat, _gid, AMP_TOKEN, APISID, DV, HSID, NID, SAPISID, SID, SIDCC, SSID, UULE, _ga_5BF8Z70PQ3, ads/ga-audiencesUsed to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use this information to help us improve the customer experience of our site. The cookies collect information including the number of visitors to our site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. If you do not allow these cookies we will not be able to include your visit in our statistics. Read Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data.26 months
    Conductricsexperian-agents.comEnable optimisation and personalisation testing. They allow us to deliver and measure the performance of tests that are conducted to improve the customer experience of our website.One year
    ZukozukoVisitorIdThese track the way visitors interact with and complete the forms on our website. They do not collect any personally identifiable information, but help us understand problems customers face as they use the forms. Read Zukos privacy options.Session
    Adobe Analyticss_cc, s_nr, s_sq, s_vi, AMCV, AMCVS, s_lastvisit, dextp, s_ppv, s_ria, s_sessThese collect information about how people use our site to help us improve the customer experience of our website. Some disappear from your computer when you close your browser (session cookies), while others remain on your computer after you've closed your browser (persistent cookies). Read Adobe's privacy options.Session
    Hotjar_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjid, _hjIncludedInPageviewSample, _hjIncludedInSessionSample, _hjTLDTest, _hjRecordingEnabledCollect information about how visitors interact with each page of our website for the purpose of monitoring and improving our website experiences. Read Hotjar's privacy options.One day
    JellyfishAllow us to track when partner websites send customers to Experian's websites, so that we can reward them for the referral.Session
    Adobe Launchcom.adobe.reactor.core.visitorTracking.cookiesMigrated, com.adobe.reactor.dataElementCookiesMigratedUsed in context with the cache-function on the website, facilitating data transfer between Adobe DTM onto Adobe Launch.Persistent
    YouTubePREF, YSC, GPS, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE*, yt.innertube::requests, yt.innertube::nextId, yt-remote-cast-available, yt-remote-cast-installed, yt-remote-connected-devices, yt-remote-device-id, yt-remote-fast-check-period, yt-remote-session-app, yt-remote-session-name, zarget_visitor_infoWe embed videos using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may set additional cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos.
    Read more at YouTube’s embedding videos information page.
    *Cookie names are subject to change once Youtube application has been opened.
    Two years
    FullStoryfs_uid, fs_session, fs_csrftoken, fs_trusted_device, fs_last_activity, fs_cid, _fs_tab_id, fs_luaEnables us to review non-sensitive information regarding how our visitors interact with our site in order to make customer experience improvements and remove pain-pointsExpires after 1 year, 30 days, 30 days, 60 days, when the session/browser closes, after 1 year, when the tab is closed, after 30 mins

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  • App Analytics

    In addition to cookies used on our webpages, Experian’s mobile app uses a library of SDK’s. Optional SDK’s can be disabled by users within the app at any time.

    Necessary SDK's
    ProviderSDK namePurpose
    DatadogDatadogSDKMonitoring and maintenance of the services that deliver data to the app and to triage any performance issues.
    SalesforceMarketingCloudSDKUsed for the provision of push notifications.
    SplitSplitUsed to control the roll out of new features and ensure product stability during launch.
    Firebase CrashlyticsFirebase/CrashlyticsCrash reporting triage of issues.
    Optional SDK's
    AppsflyerAppsFlyerFrameworkProviding information on which (if any) Experian marketing users interact with prior to opening the app.
    MixpanelMixpanelCollecting information about how our users are interacting with our product with the purpose of improving the user experience and developing the product.
    Firebase AnalyticsFirebase/AnalyticsCollecting information about how our users are interacting with our product with the purpose of improving the user experience and developing the product.
    ConductricsConductricsOptimising user experience by allowing different variations of pages to be tested in the app.
    GlassBox*StoryboardCollect information about how visitors interact with the app for the purpose of monitoring and improving our app experiences.

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    *Yet to be integrated.

  • In addition to our necessary cookies, we’d also like to use optional cookies to improve our website and support our marketing. You can choose which optional cookies you would like to accept. You can make changes to your optional cookie preferences at any time here. You have the right to withdraw or amend your consent to cookies at any time. You can do this by using the “Cookies & online marketing” link at the bottom of each page.

    Any cookies set on your device prior to you opting out will remain on your device after you withdraw consent. However, no further data will be shared until consent is given again. Alternatively, most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit aboutcookies.org or allaboutcookies.org.

    Find out how to manage cookies for the following popular browsers:

    For information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer’s website.

    You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

    You can opt out of the collection and use of your information for ad targeting by visiting https://www.aboutads.info/choices and https://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.

    You can find more details about cookies and how we process your data more generally in our Privacy policy.

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