2015 Payments Trends – Mobile Payments Proliferation

Posted on Dec 23 2015 by

It’s fair to say that 2015 was the year that for the consumer, mobile phone payments went mainstream, mostly driven by launches of Apple Pay in the US and UK, followed by Android Pay and Samsung Pay. My earlier blog on the top 5 payments trends in 2015 listed this as the third key trend. […]

Social media for SMEs – the statistics

Posted on Dec 22 2015 by

Social media plays an important role in online marketing with statistics revealing the huge numbers of people around the world using Twitter (271 million), LinkedIn (300 million) and Facebook (1.2 billion) (1). More and more small businesses are using social media as 26 per cent of SME marketers spend an hour or more on social […]

An Economic Outlook

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Overall, the outlook for lenders is overwhelmingly positive. Unsecured lending is on the up, and that’s set to continue. What’s more, consumer confidence is high, income growth is strong and labour market conditions are sound. All this means that the economy should continue to grow strongly over the coming months and years, providing excellent opportunities both for lenders and the customers we serve.

2015 Payments Trends – Establishing the need for Real Time Payments

Posted on Dec 22 2015 by

My earlier blog on the top 5 payments trends in 2015 listed the second key trend over the past year as related to real-time payments. It’s worth understanding why and where we are in the process: The move to faster payments had been going on for over a decade with the development of the high-value […]

2015 Payments Trends – Blockchain moves out of the shadow of Bitcoin

Posted on Dec 18 2015 by

My earlier blog on the top 5 payments trends in 2015 listed blockchain as being a key theme over the past year, here’s a little more detail:

New Right to Rent Legislation coming February 2016

Posted on Dec 18 2015 by

There is new legislation coming into effect from the 1st February 2016 that will impact on all private landlords across England.

The Power to Choose

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The consumer’s power to choose was explored this at this year’s Credit Risk Summit. Experian and industry experts gathered to discuss and advise on current credit trends, meeting customer expectations, and providing a seamless customer experience. Our latest edition of FutureProof expands on the key presentations from the event.

Experian expects CPI inflation to remain below 1% for most of 2016 despite uptick in November

Posted on Dec 15 2015 by

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.1% in the year to November, compared with a 0.1% fall in the year to October. This is the first time inflation has been positive since July.

The top five payments trends we’ve seen in 2015

Posted on Dec 15 2015 by

2015 was a busy year in the payments industry with the introduction of new initiatives and concepts. It was a year of new ideas and innovation. We can see the world of payments is changing and rapidly and 2015 showed us the direction we will be taking in years to come.

Social networks offer hot prospects and online gold to determined ID thieves #FraudChatUK

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Socialised consumers — and in particular tech-savvy and tech-dependent young people — must do more to protect themselves and safeguard their personal networks from determined identity thieves, it emerged today.