Address validation

Address validation

Your data is only a valuable asset if the information you collect is accurate. Organisations capture data from multiple touch points and having a process in place to make sure data collected and stored is accurate and up-to-date is essential.

What are the benefits of address validation?

Saves time and money

Collecting accurate addresses from minimal information will save you time and costs will be reduced by eliminating wasted communications.

Improves customer service

Ensuring only accurate addresses enter your database and removing those that are inaccurate will result in timely and correctly addressed communications.

Enables accurate decision making

Accurate customer information provides the foundations to understanding your customers, meaning informed business decisions can be made.

How can you ensure the accuracy of your customer addresses?

Real-time capture

Real-time address capture returns a full and complete address from limited initial information. It can be delivered as an on premise or hosted solution, and can integrate seamlessly into your current platforms, such as your CRM.

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Bulk clean

Bulk cleansing solutions will ensure the integrity of your data over time. Delivered as a one-off clean or as part of a regular data cleaning programme, we have a range of solutions to fit your needs.

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