Data Cleansing

Data management capabilities to build trust in your organisation’s past, present and future customer data

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How data cleansing helps

Confident business decisions

Trust your data to make key strategic decisions

Customer loyalty

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and built trust and loyalty


Reduce wastage and increase revenue through a stronger customer relationship

Cleansed data that’s fit for purpose

Proactively identify and manage data quality issues before they negatively impact your business. Our data management software – Aperture Data Studio - can systematically examine and make your data trustworthy in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

As data often flows into your organisation in different sources and formats, Aperture Data Studio can correctly format your data and clean it, giving you results instantly. It integrates directly with Experian’s unique reference data, cleansing, and matching capabilities - so you can rapidly take control. With sophisticated but easy to understand profiling, matching & linking, and verification capabilities together in one place, you can transform your data and confidently solve data quality issues.

There are hundreds of custom cleansing and data standardisation routines available to automatically help you detect data quality rule violations across your data landscape and eliminate at source.

Aperture Data Studio allows you to manipulate data, edit transformations with intuitive and collaborative workflow, and embed data quality rules for efficient, repeatable delivery.

Capabilities to validate contact data in real time

If you’re looking to enhance your customer experience and improve data quality at the same time, you can validate contact data as it enters your website, database or business application, in real time. We offer address, email and mobile number validation to suit your needs:

  • Validation against full UK address coverage as well as data for over 240 countries
  • Clear, actionable email insight to help improve your sender reputation
  • Seamless integration into websites and CRMs
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • SAP

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