Data Management Integrations

Protect your CRM and ERP investments

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To succeed in the age of the customer, organisations continue to adopt and invest in Customer Relationship Management systems.

When CRM data is poor, inaccurate, and incomplete, the impact of marketing campaigns and activities may be greatly reduced resulting in specific challenges such as:

  • Inability to communicate effectively with customers
  • A less than optimal multi-channel experience
  • Decreased profitability from marketing campaign

How it will help you

Cut operational costs

Accurate data will increase your ROI through improved decision making, and smoother process flows due to error reduction

Reduce invoice and payment delays, shipping fees, agent handling times and other operational inefficiencies

Sales efficiencies

Improve your customer insight and advance profiling and targeting efforts to unlock greater customer understanding

Reduce the time it takes you to enter a complete and accurate address and remove the potential for human errors

Enhanced analysis

Automatically populated validation status and timestamp field provide an audit trail and insight into the validity of your records within Salesforce, further improving tracking, data analysis and reporting

Transform your data to increase CRM effectiveness

This report looks at how data flows into a CRM via multiple channels and the importance to an organisation of maintaining its quality at all these points through data management integrations.

Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Support global expansion with real-time international contact data validation; enriched and seamlessly integrated.

Our Salesforce integration allows you to quickly capture, validate and enhance valuable address, email and mobile phone numbers with global data coverage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Certified and customisable contact data management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM).


Increase the ROI of your SAP application with improved contact data accuracy.