Information Assurance

Safeguarding people’s data – and trust – is vital to our business.

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Experian holds vast amounts of data, and has a responsibility to make sure it’s kept safe and used only in the most appropriate, responsible ways.

Maintaining high levels of security is fundamental to our business, and we follow strict regulations for managing and using data in compliance with all relevant laws.

Protecting data and privacy

Millions trust us to keep their data secure and we follow strict guidelines for managing and using data in compliance with all relevant laws. Each of our employees is personally responsible for the security of the data we manage and receives compulsory training.

We also extend this responsibility to our suppliers and partners and work closely with them to make sure our data is accurate, relevant and up to date. 

Finding the right balance

We aim to strike a balance between protecting privacy and using data in ways that can benefit people, business and society.

We also engage with policymakers to support the regulations that respond to concerns about data privacy, and enable accurate credit checking to support responsible lending and borrowing.

Improving data quality

The quality of data in people’s credit profiles affects their ability to access credit, so we run hundreds of checks on the data in each credit file and raise any omissions or inconsistencies with the data providers. If a provider’s quality issues can’t be resolved, we’ll stop working with them.

We also help people access their own credit profiles to check the accuracy of the data we hold on them.

Helping people protect their data

Our identity protection services mean people are better equipped to detect attempted fraud or identity theft and deal with it before it causes a problem. We also provide advice and support to people who’ve been affected by fraud, helping them resolve issues with their credit profile and gain accesses to the essential services they need.



Corporate governance and stakeholder statements

Reporting on corporate governance arrangements and Section 172(1) statements.