Why we collect personal data

We do this to allow us to create products and services that help our clients improve their marketing, so you receive communications that are relevant and helpful. Find out more about the products and services we create in the section How we use your data.

While much of the data we obtain doesn't relate to individuals but rather to households, properties or geographic areas, the data we receive and process may include elements that identify you, like names and addresses, and this is known as personal data.

When we obtain, store and use this personal data to create a marketing product or service for our clients, this is referred to in data protection law as a "processing activity".

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We treat any personal data we hold about you with respect. It's up to us to protect it, tell you how we're going to use it, and make it easy for you to tell us not to use it if you wish.

How sharing your data can benefit you

Allowing your data to be used means you're more likely to receive marketing and advertising for the stuff you're interested in. It doesn't mean you receive more advertising, just more relevant advertising.

But there are other ways organisations use data that can benefit you.

It helps ensure organisations’ databases are accurate and up to date so you don't receive mail for people who have lived in your property before you, or your name isn't misspelled on letters you receive.

It makes organisations more efficient as they can better target their services, reducing their costs which allows them to be more competitive. And more competitive businesses tend to offer better products and fairer pricing to you, helping you save money.

It also keeps the internet and its content free. We consume huge amounts of information online; from news, to entertainment, social media, and video. Online content providers receive revenue from advertisers and marketers, which means they can afford to provide their content for free.

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The data we obtain

We obtain data compliantly from a variety of sources. These include:

  • Data partners we trust
  • Government sources and publicly available data
  • Consumer and market research surveys

Our legal basis for processing your data

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Personal data

Any piece of information that could identify you, such as your name and postal address

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Non personal

This is anonymised data that can’t identify you, or where any personal data has been removed.

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