Our social impact

We’re working to make the world a better, fairer place.

We help millions of people and businesses around the world get fair and affordable access to essential services.

And we work hard to make sure our business has a positive impact on the world, never a negative one. Our responsibilities – to people, society and the environment – guide everything we do.

How we help people

By collecting and analysing data, we help people and businesses build up a financial track record and gain access to essential, everyday services that have previously been out of reach. We’re also pioneering the use of alternative data, such as rental or utility payments, to help people with limited financial history build up and strengthen their credit profiles.

And for business, we’re helping smaller organisations build up their credit profiles to access the services and finance they need to grow.

Our role in the community

Our people’s talents and our business resources go beyond the workplace. We encourage our people to use their skills to benefit society: many volunteer their time and skills to support their communities and improve financial education.

We also help our people support local groups and charities by matching funding and giving donations.

Caring for our people

We aim to create a great working environment for every one of our 17,000 employees. Coaching, training and mentoring programmes are just some of the ways we support our people to challenge themselves and achieve their potential.

Managing our environmental footprint

Energy use – especially the power needed to run our data centres – accounts for our most significant environmental impact. Our environmental programme focuses on reducing and minimising the impacts of this energy use, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, managing water use, cutting emissions from travel, and using our products to support organisations’ and communities’ environmental goals.

Modern Slavery policy

Experian works to the highest possible ethical standards. We continue to improve our policies and strengthen procedures to ensure our supply chain remains free from modern slavery and human trafficking.