Your data, your decision

We're all exposed to marketing every day.

Sharing your personal data with responsible organisations, who treat it with respect and trust, can result in positive outcomes for you as a customer, and for society.

But you have choices over how it’s used by organisations. In data protection law, these are your Data Subject Rights.

The choice is yours, always

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What are your data rights?

Data protection law ensures that your personal data is used properly and legally by the organisations you share it with.

This means you have several rights in relation to your personal data, these include:

Right to be informed

Understand what happens to your personal data

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Right of access

See what personal data we hold about you

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Right to rectification

Correct any information we have about you, that you think is wrong

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Right to be forgotten

In certain circumstances you can ask us to delete your personal data

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Right to restrict processing

Change how your personal data is used

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Right to portability

Move your personal data

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Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

Understand whether your personal data is being used to make decisions

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Right to object

Ask us to stop using your data

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Some of these rights are subject to certain circumstances and will not always apply

About the ICO

The Information Commissioners Office (the ICO) is the UK's data protection regulatory body set up to uphold information rights, promoting openness by organisations and data privacy for individuals. Through the "fingerprint family", the ICO’s Your Data Matters campaign helps people understand why their data matters and how they can take back control.

You can find out more from the ICO about your personal data rights under data protection regulation and how to exercise them.

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