How we help our clients

Our clients use our marketing data to get a better understanding of how individuals, households and geographical areas might behave. So they can:

  • Send you, and others like you, marketing messages you're more likely to be interested in
  • Show you relevant adverts and messages
  • Predict your likely interests or behaviours to allow them to communicate with you more effectively

Any organisations who access our marketing data are governed by strict contractual restrictions to make sure they protect your data and stick to all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

We also independently audit our partners to make sure they meet our high standards when it comes to how they handle your data.

Data stewardship is a responsibility we take very seriously. Protecting, securing and using your data in the right way is our highest priority, and we keep those principles at the heart of the way we do business.

Jose Luiz Rossi | Managing Director, UK&I

Our client sectors

We work with many of the brands and organisations you’ll be familiar with across a mix of market sectors

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Entertainment, gaming & leisure

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Financial Services

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Health & beauty

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Mail order

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Political organisations

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Public sector

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Publishing & media

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3rd party partners

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Your right to opt out

If you don't want us to use your personal data in the services we offer, you can choose to opt out and we'll remove your details from our marketing database

More on opting out