We help our clients to communicate with you consistently across your preferred channels, providing you with a better experience. We do this through two services – identity resolution and data linkage.

Identity resolution

This is when we uniquely identify an individual, allowing organisations to create a single view of their customers so they can communicate with you more effectively, reduce multiple communications being made in error to the same individual, and deliver services to you efficiently and appropriately in a joined-up way.

Data linkage

Our linkage database is simply a look up of various ways of identifying an individual, the household or area in which they live, such as name, postal address, email address, mobile telephone number or town. We obtain this personal data from our third party partners (see the section on Where do we obtain personal data from? for more information)

Our marketing services help organisations communicate to you in an offline context, for example through postal marketing. Increasingly, however, organisations also want to talk to you across digital channels such as by email, online advertising, social media or even addressable TV.

We use this linkage database to enable clients to connect data from these different sources to build up a better picture of an individual or household across all their preferred marketing channels. It enables us to apply the insight from our models and segments held on our name and address marketing database to these other identifiers, such as connecting an email address with a postal address

Linkage enables our clients – brands, digital publishers and advertisers, and public service organisations - to improve the relevancy of the marketing served to you, across a range of offline and online channels. Organisations are then able to deliver more joined up and consistent messaging however you engage with them (for example by email, through a website, or by post), providing you with a better overall experience.

There are several specific linkage services we offer to our clients:

Data linkage enrichment

This is where we help organisations to better understand individuals they already engage with but where only an identity such as an email address or mobile telephone number has been collected by the organisation (and no name and address exists in their database). By appending our segments and models onto these identities they have more insight on the likely needs of their customers or subscribers.

Data on-boarding

This is where we help our clients to identify people that may be interested in their products and services, so they can serve relevant adverts across digital channels.

Digital identity linkage

This is where we help organisations advertise to an audience or learn more about an audience by connecting it to that of another party. For example so that an advertiser can show ads to its customers on the pages of a publisher website.