Customers who joined us before 20 October 2017

For customers who signed up to our services before 20 October 2017, the new terms below will become effective on 6 December 2017. Until that date, please refer to your previous terms. Should you have any concerns about the changes please contact us. If you are not happy with the changes, you can cancel your subscription or account with us.

These terms (“Terms”) cover your use of Experian’s consumer products, services, websites and apps (“Services”). You accept these Terms by signing up for, using the Services and/or continuing to use the Services after a change to the Terms.

By using our Services or agreeing to these Terms, you agree to our collection and use of your data as described in the Experian Privacy Policy.

To help you understand our Terms and Experian Privacy Policy, we’ve broken them up into sections so they’re easy to read and reference. We encourage you to read, print and save a copy of these documents for your records.