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Here you can learn about how we help organisations with their marketing, advertising and service delivery, how we process data as part of our Marketing Services and what to do if you wish to opt out

Our commitment to data privacy and transparency

Data has the power to improve and ease our lives. It connects us in ways that are good for everyone – individuals, organisations, and society.

We're committed to always doing the right thing - obtaining, processing, and using data compliantly and responsibly.

These pages are all about data we use to help organisations with their marketing and advertising, as well as helping public sector providers be more effective and efficient (we call that Marketing Services). If you're looking for details about how your data is used in credit reports and credit scores, please go here instead.

About Experian Marketing Services

We work to turn data into something meaningful for businesses and public sector organisations that creates benefits for you. We gather, analyse, combine, and process data to help organisations communicate more effectively, saving them (and you) time and money.

Our marketing products and services help organisations to:

  1. Better understand people (like you) to service your needs
  2. Communicate with you more effectively and at the right time
  3. Offer you relevant products and services
  4. Find others like you across a range of communication channels and locations

Find out how organisations such as Experian obtain, use and distribute data to help create positive outcomes for consumers, residents and society

We're here to help make it clear

We want to be completely transparent and help you to understand:

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How we use your data

What marketing services we offer to organisations who may use your data

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Your data rights

The rights you have in relation to your data and how it's used

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Who uses our services

How organisations use data to create a better experience for you

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How we protect your data

The measures we take to ensure we and our clients keep your data secure

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The choice is yours, always

We make it easy for you to look at the data we hold on you or tell us if you wish to opt out

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Opt out options

Learn about all of your marketing opt out options

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Marketing database

Find out if you're on our current Marketing Services file

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Mosaic type

See the Mosaic type (segment) for your postcode

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