• Processing names and addresses from our 3rd party data partners, public data sources (such as the Edited Electoral Register) and Experian credit bureau data to provide names and addresses on our marketing database. Names and addresses from 3rd party partners and from the Edited Electoral Register provide contact details of new prospects for our clients, and names and addresses from Experian's credit bureau further allows us to match our models and segments to a client's existing customer names and addresses to add additional insight, which helps them to communicate with you more relevantly and effectively.
  • The processing of those names addresses, dates of birth and limited credit bureau data in validating and improving the accuracy of our marketing database, to make sure our clients aren't sending marketing communications to people who have opted out, have moved address, or to deceased individuals.
  • The aggregation of attributes and models held against names and addresses on our marketing databases to household, postcode or other geographic levels, as input into building our segmentation products such as Mosaic. Our segmentation products help our clients to understand their customers better and ensure they're sending relevant communications to the individuals in each segment.
  • Applying the models and segments we build to our UK list of adult names and addresses, enabling us to provide insights to our clients about which products or services might be most relevant to the people they're communicating with.
  • The collection, storage and processing of person-level suppression files such as home-mover and marketing preference files to ensure the accuracy, relevancy and data quality of our own marketing database. This in turn enables our clients to check the identity and contact details they have on their files to ensure their lists are accurate and up to date, meaning that you receive marketing intended for you and your marketing preferences are respected. It also ensures that individuals who have been in touch with Experian to opt out or who are present in 3rd party owned suppression files do not have their details passed on by us to other organisations for marketing purposes.
  • The processing of personal data shared with us by members of our home shopping and direct retailer data pool to create anonymised and aggregated insight reports about the home shopping and online buying habits of consumers in the pool. This insight enables them to avoid mailing consumers who are less likely to use home shopping, ensuring that only those individuals who are most likely to respond are targeted, and that offers are made via the consumer's preferred channel.
  • From the personal data that we obtain, connecting names and addresses to email addresses to build up a better picture of an individual or household across marketing channels. For example, this allows us to apply our segments and models held against names and addresses to any email addresses that our clients hold, helping to improve the relevancy of their email marketing messages to you and keeping communications with you consistent across channels.

More information on the marketing products and services we build using personal data to support organisations in their marketing activities can be found here within the “How we use your data” section.