Over the past 18 months Experian Data Quality has successfully partnered with X88 – a UK-based data management software company – to provide customers with a next generation data quality management solution. This very successful partnership has seen us combine the power of X88 Pandora with Experian software products and data sets to deliver a full range of data quality capabilities. In October 2014, X88 joined the Experian family.

I previously led the product and marketing strategy for X88 Software and I have almost 30 year’s experience as a data management practitioner, designing, implementing and managing data quality, data integration and data migration projects. I am also a huge advocate of “self-service information” and the “monetisation of data quality.” My new role as Head of Product Strategy at Experian Data Quality is to lead the product development of our data quality management solution.

I strongly believe that the combined strength of X88 Pandora – soon to be renamed Experian Pandora – and the Experian software and datasets means we can deliver a single platform to understand, improve and monitor data, quickly and easily on an enterprise scale, all across the world.

Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

We are taking great steps in driving our data quality offering to help organisations make the most out of their data assets. In November 2014, both X88 and Experian Data Quality appeared on Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools Report which was a great achievement.

I am delighted to take on this new opportunity and I look forward to further driving the success of Experian Pandora.