Data quality solutions

Bad data is bad business. Bringing your records into line is essential for every process from marketing to compliance. At the same time, enriching your data can be the route to new opportunities – as well as helping paint your organisation in a more professional light.

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Data Quality Solutions

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your data, enrich it with new information and find ways to manage it more easily, Experian can help. Click the headings below to find the tools, techniques and data sets which will make your records shine.

The first step to ensuring your business is working with quality data is understanding the condition of the data you already hold. Finding weaknesses in all of your records, not just those held by individual departments, is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance – but it’s also an important factor in effectively refining your processes and growing your business.

Consolidate silos

Departmental data siloes restrict your organisational effectiveness. A true picture of your data’s strengths, weaknesses and the impact it has on your core services comes from organisation-wide analysis. Data profiling brings all of your data into a single searchable repository. It helps highlight patterns and metrics, builds cross-department relationships, and gives both business and technical users opportunities to improve.

Spot poor data

Data quality can decay as details change, but how can you tell just how strong your organisational data sets are? Running a data quality assessment can help you discover the rules which define good data, seek out non-conforming items, and present reports clearly defining the steps that need to be taken to bring your data back in line with regulations like GDPR.

Automate the process

It is the era of big data. Manually seeking out poor-quality customer records within massive databases is understandably resource intensive. However, using a system such as Aperture Data Studio to assess your data quality can help automatically tag those records which need work. It can also give you access to custom views that allow you to explore even the largest data sets while proactively identifying issues before they become a problem.

Find matching records

Changes of personal details, data entry errors or even cross-department registrations mean one consumer could have multiple records within your business. Safely merging these means making absolutely sure that they refer to the same customer. This is where a data point like Experian’s ExPin comes in – it’s a unique identifier assigned to everyone in the UK, useful for consolidation and creating effective single customer views.

Run deep analysis

Validating your data is often the precursor to a major data migration project, so a tool which can both help perform analysis of your data and prepare it for migration can make things far easier. Experian Pandora is one option, offering end-to-end data quality management which puts migration in the hands of business users, not just IT.


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