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Postal marketing

We provide contact names and postal addresses to help businesses find new people who may be interested in their products or services. We can also use our segmentations and models to help clients choose the most relevant people for them to talk to.

The names and addresses we hold for this activity come from two sources:

  • The Edited Electoral Roll (or "Open Register"). This a subset of the full Electoral Roll (ER) which lists the names and addresses of everyone eligible to vote in each Local Authority in the UK. Being included in this ‘Open Register’ means that your name and address are available for anyone to purchase from the Local Authority for any purpose, such as direct marketing. You can tick a box to opt out of this when you register to vote or you can change your ER preferences by contacting your local Electoral Registration Office.
  • A small number of carefully selected third-party data partners who collect your information when you enter lifestyle surveys, competitions or shop around to save money. These are companies like Ideal Media Today Ltd or My Offers Ltd. If you have given them your permission, they can then share that information with us to use in our marketing services.

You can find more about these sources on the How we use your data page.

Our marketing database brings these contact names and addresses together, ensuring that the data is cleaned, the names and addresses properly formatted and validated as being current, and relevant industry and Experian marketing preference files applied. Our models and segmentations (see Dividing things up, creating models and making predictions), sit alongside these names and addresses to provide insight on the likely characteristics of these individuals and are used by our clients to create relevant selections of prospects.

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Email marketing

We do not provide lists of email addresses directly to our clients. We only handle email addresses from our data partners so we can attach the models or segments we have created to an email address. Where you have given your consent for these partners to send out marketing emails to you, this means that the emails you receive are more likely to be about the products or services you'll be interested in hearing about.

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Digital marketing

We also work with organisations to inform relevant advertising through websites, apps, social media and video content. We don’t serve any ads to you ourselves — the publisher, for example a website or social media app, will do this based on the marketing permissions you have given them. Our role is to provide insight to our clients to help them serve ads that you're more likely to be interested in. We also work with organisations to arrange advertising on their behalf through online channels.

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