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DVLA Keeper Enquiries* vehicle history report

*Available to businesses with approved permitted purposes.

 Establishing the previous ownership of a vehicle can be vital in verifying the history and integrity of a purchase or sale. Submitting Keeper Enquiries to the DVLA can be a time consuming, convoluted process involving paperwork and waiting for the relevant results. A fast and easy-to-use alternative, which supplies a vehicle history report the next working day and can be processed electronically, is DVLA Keeper Enquiries.

What is DVLA Keeper Enquiries?

DVLA Keeper Enquiries is a simple way to trace vehicle owners and establish vehicle ownership at a past or present date in the vehicle’s history.

How can DVLA Keeper Enquiries help you?

  • Reveal the true owner of a vehicle on a specific date for insurance purposes
  • Provide better customer service levels by keeping records accurate and up to date
  • Improve processes in-house by streamlining your enquiries to the DVLA

  • Use Experian’s Approved Conditional Access to information stored by the DVLA to easily trace vehicle owners.
  • Streamline your enquiries by using the online system in place of written applications to the DVLA.

Experian’s Keeper Enquiry System allows you to check vehicle ownership of any DVLA registered vehicle quickly and efficiently.

  • Submit your enquiry in seconds using a simple form containing the Vehicle Registration Mark and the date you want to check.
  • Manage your results easily using a customer reference number to help you indentify individual enquiries.

The flexible online system allows you to submit multiple enquiries quickly and easily and pay for them all in one go.

  • See results of your vehicle owner search the next working day.
  • Avoid time-consuming paperwork by saving and printing your results in one job lot.

The Keeper Enquiry Results screen clearly summarises your submission details alongside information obtained via the DVLA to create a concise report.

  • View your results for up to 21 days using the online system.
  • Search for previous enquiries by VRM or reference number.

Each enquiry can be expanded to view vehicle and keeper details and you can submit a new request at any time.

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