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We understand the challenge in remaining competitive when faced with rapidly changing markets, and the need to accurately understand consumer credit behaviour. Credit analytics needs to be much easier for businesses to access, and you shouldn’t have to invest in complex, expensive proprietary systems or be a data scientist to benefit.

Experian Ascend offers you a window on to our credit bureau combined with a powerful set of analytical tools that can be used to benchmark your market performance, improve the accuracy of your credit insights and proactively manage your credit strategy. Whether you require out-of-the-box insights, professional analytical tools, or access to our powerful raw data, Experian Ascend can help you.

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Creating value for you

Access an anonymised version of the UK’s largest consumer credit bureau, to better inform your understanding of consumer credit behaviour so you can make more timely and relevant decisions

Reduce the time it takes to present your analysis. Use our intuitive and pre-configured dashboards to extract insight that’s easy to understand and quick to implement.

Collaborate to win. Use our analytical expertise and consultancy collected over 30 years of working with credit information to identify the essential insight you need to keep your business profitable and healthy.

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Platform Solutions

At Experian we have worked to create a set of flexible services that meet the immediate needs of today, will grow with your business over time and allow you to make faster, more reliable decisions. Choose the service that best meets your requirements, depending on whether you have your own analytical resources or require more tooling and support from us.

Ascend Analytical Sandbox

Our Analytics Sandbox gives you access to Experian’s consumer credit data and a powerful set of hosted analytics tools. ​

The combination gives you a complete hosted solution to uncover unique insights, allowing you to spot opportunities, assess ideas rapidly, and test and operationalise your credit risk strategies.

Ascend Market Insights

Ascend Market Insights arms you with the latest market, economic, credit, competitor and customer insights, helping you better understand what’s going on, adapt to change and create significantly more successful strategies, faster.

With Ascend Market Insights you can more effectively manage risk and make stronger, more personalised lending decisions while transforming the customer experience. Ultimately supporting your business growth and helps you maintain that critical competitive edge.

Ascend Retro on Demand

Retro on Demand gives you instant access to an unrivalled breadth and depth of data via our easy-to-use, self-service dashboards.

Move away from relying on old retrospective data to perform your own faster retros based on the latest, most complete data available. As a result, you can benefit from more frequent, more accurate customer insights on which to base your decision making.


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