Get a deeper understanding of customers and make lending decisions with greater efficiency.

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The Ascend platform brings together the best of Experian

An ever-evolving market. Increasing competitive pressure, shifts in consumer preferences. These are just some of the reasons why you need better, faster, smarter analytics. So, you can make quick, accurate and compliant decisions, knowing they’re founded on data-led insight rather than instinct.

Our new Ascend platform is designed intentionally to give you a deeper understanding of your customers, enhance your agility, and empower you to make swift confident lending decisions. Decisions that are more consistent, and more accurate.

Helping you make smarter business and customer decisions

Ascend is already helping our clients and their customers to make smarter decisions. It puts our most transformative software into your hands. Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, to power advanced analytics through innovative technology and industry-leading data assets.

Find out how Experian Ascend can unlock insights for your business and improve your strategic decision-making

Bringing value to you and your customers

With Ascend the potential is limitless. It can improve value for both your business and customers.

For your business

  • Build, rebuild and monitor scorecards & policy rules
  • Derive board-level reports on performance and risk
  • Understand your market position to support regulatory reporting
  • Bring new, relevant products and services to market
  • Increase speed and profit, through more confident business and customer decisions
  • Convert more customers at search, and originations through personalisation

For your customers

  • Understand a customer’s entire financial and behavioural history
  • Target more effectively with the right offer
  • Offer support for those in need
  • Create personalised products, terms, and credit limits
  • Identify high risk segments, and automate customer treatments

How Ascend works

It all starts with data. Ascend features Experian’s best-in-class core bureau data, including open-data sources - all anonymised. We also include eligibility search data. Together, they give you the most comprehensive sets of traditional and non-traditional data on the market. You can also add in your own data to enhance the data available for analytics via Ascend for full market visibility.

We use a range of pre-built tools to help you create quick and sophisticated scorecards. They’re enhanced by machine learning to maximise efficiency and inform business decisions. Our optimisation tools let you refine strategies and policy rules, such as changing score cut offs, assessing and testing strategies, or credit limits, whenever you need.

More than modular

Ascend is as flexible as your needs and budget allow. We offer a range of services for even greater flexibility within Ascend. Use only the functions you need, and pay only for those you use. Switch or mix formats as your needs evolve.

However you use Ascend it can help put you light years ahead of the competition.

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