Marketing analytics

Marketing and consumer analysis are the building blocks that enable brands to truly understand their customers in order to deliver the most relevant and helpful experiences.

Who are they? What are they interested in? What are they not interested in? How do they prefer to be contacted? Where are they? These are all important questions and in a digital world they’re ones businesses need to be able to answer.

We have all searched for luxury cars online but is everyone in the market to buy one?

We have a number of solutions that sift through the wide range of data available and uncover the real gems of insight that form customer understanding. This customer understanding is what provides marketers with the required insight to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Marketing analytics solutions

Algorithmic attribution

Measure and attribute the effectiveness of each of your marketing channels

> Algorithmic attribution

Consultancy services

Work with Experian's data-driven marketing consultants to gain greater customer intelligence

> Marketing data consultancy services

Consumer financial analytics

Understand consumer financial behavour and develop detailed insight into the financial market

> Financial strategy segments

Consumer modelling

Predictive analytics through consumer modelling and understanding the customer lifecycle

> Consumer modelling

Consumer profiling

Better understand your audience by creating a clearer picture of your customer

> Consumer profiling

Consumer segmentation

Enhance your customer understanding by creating detailed consumer segments

> Bespoke consumer segmentation

> Mosaic UK

Digital behaviour

Develop insight into consumer digital behaviour and how to best engage with customers digitally

> Mosaic digital

Location planning

Use accurate insight to make the right bricks and mortar location planning decisions

> Location planning

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