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Global expansion is the dream for many organisations. But, while international expansion offers real growth potential, it can be extremely costly if not focused on the right areas.

As an increasing number of businesses are looking to expand globally, there is a growing demand for high-quality audience intelligence to help expansion strategy planning from both a location investment and effective campaign planning perspective.

With the right data, you can make effective decisions about your international growth strategy, from location planning to consumer marketing activities. 

International growth and global business strategy

For any business considering international expansion and global growth, it’s vital that you carefully consider which markets to expand into. How do you know where to invest? How do new markets compare to your current locations? What are the potential opportunities? Understanding which markets are right for expansion will allow you to create a robust, well-informed plan for international growth, and a market expansion strategy that will help you reach the right customers in different markets. Having accurate and consistent data will give you the insights you need to make the right decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

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Global market data and territory planning

Global territory planning is a complex science that impacts every aspect of a business’ marketing, investment and financial decisions. Having robust, local knowledge is key. But, within our fast-paced world, residential populations and workforces within local markets can change quickly, and supply and demand are constantly shifting with community dynamics, travel patterns, and economic circumstances. With the right data, you can ensure you make the right planning and location decisions.

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International targeting and segmentation

While you might be confident about your target audience in one location, you can’t assume that those insights will apply to new territories and global markets. Before making any location investments, you need to understand where consumer spending power is and study your new customers carefully. By segmenting your audience to include traits shared by your local customers and characteristics that are unique to your new audience, you can gain valuable insights into who are you selling to, and how to target them.

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International market research

International market research can be costly and resource intensive. And the level of data available varies significantly from country to country, and region to region. With the help of consistent global data sets can help to simplify your market research, saving time and money. Global retail data and income data can provide a clearer view of global retail expenditure and give an insight into your potential for growth.

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Global marketing strategy and advertising

The world is more connected than ever before. This means marketers and agencies are having to think beyond traditional country borders and create truly global marketing, social media, and advertising strategies to reach global audiences. The right data and market research is key to international marketing success.

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