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What is Mosaic?

Mosaic provides a simple but powerful framework to help you understand your existing customers.

By segmenting individuals, and households based on their demographic, behaviours and lifestyle characteristics using Mosaic gives you deeper understanding of who your customers are. Allowing you to engage more effectively by through better services, communications, and location based prioritisation. Cutting out guesswork and making your operations more effective.

Why use Mosaic?

Use Mosaic to gain deeper understanding of your customers and prospects leveraging detailed insight with 900+ data points to describe consumer segments.

Mosaic is available at a more granular level than postcodes, which provides you greater insight and differentiation so you can be more confident when defining new engagement strategies..

Whether you’re looking to find new customers or improve how you communicate with your existing customers or make better location based decisions, Mosaic can help.

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Explore Mosaic profiles

Take a more in-depth look at both mosaic group and type segments or explore some wider data audiences available with our data taxonomy.

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Who uses Mosaic?

Thousands of businesses covering a diverse range of sectors use Mosaic. Well known brands as well as public sectors covering emergency services through to local and national government, leading agencies and media organisations all make use of Mosaic to make their marketing more effective.

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"Experian has a wealth of data at a household level, that combined with what we know about our customers we knew would help us create a powerful piece of segmentation, enabling us to make customer focused improvements across our business. The team at Experian supported us fantastically throughout the process of developing the segmentation, answering our questions, keeping us updated, and delivering key outputs on schedule."

Customer Experience Lead, Affinity Water

"Mosaic delivers what we need it to. It helps us meet the twin aims of better understanding our population and how best to reach those we need to. The most value is gained from the huge number of measures available and then being able to map that data down to the most granular household level."

Gordon Adams, Strategic Intelligence Manager, Salford City Council

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"Experian’s Mosaics data set allows us to have much more complete view of our customer base, and crucially how our customers changed firstly when the brand went fully digital during the covid period, and then how our customers profile developed as travel opened through 2022 and 2023. The demographic and lifestyle insights are now being used to plan our medium to long term growth strategy of the business as we look to regain market share for the Thomas Cook brand."

Ryan Cotton, Marketing Director, Thomas Cook

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