Identifying prospects across channels

Understanding the profile of your customer base and where you can find similar prospects across channels is crucial for both acquisition and customer management activity. Utilising a wide breadth of data enables brands to make effective marketing decisions that cut across offline and online channels and help inform cross-brand collaboration strategies.

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Identifying prospects across channels

All businesses need to extend their reach and invest in new customer acquisition. Find out how Experian can help you find suitable prospects by clicking the headings below…

Target audience definition

With the right help, it’s possible to use a range of demographic and research data to deliver bespoke audience strategy development. As part of this, you may consider developing one or more predictive models that are tailored to your specific brand objective. These can then be used by your internal and agencies teams in a multi-channel approach.   

Plan offline channel activity

Direct mail, partially addressed mail and door drops are critical channels for many organisations.  Despite the trend towards online campaigns, an engaging and relevant postal campaign can provide exceptional ROI for brands – and not only with audiences who are less likely to be online. Conversely, cost per contact is likely to be higher, so it’s critical to ensure that investment is aimed at audiences that will provide maximum response rates. 

Move beyond platform algorithms

With online channels, the temptation is to use in-platform auto-optimisations that become self-fulfilling in audience selection. Many organisations find that over the long term customers onboarded in this way aren’t as profitable as those enrolled by other channels, despite potentially being cheaper to recruit initially.  Using audience insights at either an individual or geo level alongside your platform algorithms can provide increased performance.  

Evaluating premium publishers and addressable TV audiences

There is no doubting the importance of premium campaigns to support both branding and performance activity.  Again, using audience data within these channels can allow messages to be tailored to particular segments. Consulting experts in the field, like those at Experian, can help you plan campaigns across a wide range of premium publishers and addressable TV audiences.

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