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How well do you know your customers and prospects? The more information you have, the better able you are to deliver the right messages on the right channels to maximise marketing spend. Discover which solutions can help you gather – and manage – this information to reduce acquisition costs and boost response rates.

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Customer intelligence

The better you understand your customers’ needs, the more you’ll be able to engage with them. Find out how Experian’s datasets and tools can help you uncover your best prospects and find more like them by clicking the titles below…

Organisations collect a broad range of information on how customers interact with their brand, but this doesn’t provide any insight into what customers look like or how they behave within the wider market.  The best way to increase your understanding is to compare them to the general population and against attributes not found in your data.  Understanding the make-up of your clientele clarifies what the brand’s ideal customer looks like, which helps support planning.   

Employ demographic segmentation

Using consumer classification systems help you understand your customers’ characteristics in a detailed way and can segment a wide customer base into recognisable cohorts. This ensures your marketing initiatives are well-tailored, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your communication. It also helps you understand your existing customers and find more like them.

Use in-depth profiles and enhancement

A detailed level of insight isn’t always possible using traditional segmentation views. Yet a combination of standalone signals, such as disposable income, age or household composition, can provide much-needed perspective on customers’ circumstances. Experian’s ConsumerView can help here because it offers a broader view of the population. With it, you gain a more specific understanding of the UK population, including a range of demographic, socioeconomic and behavioural characteristics.

Benefit from research-based insights

Segmentation solutions that are tagged to multiple research panels, including Target Group Index (TGI) and YouGov, can also provide insight into market behaviours and competitor profiles. This enables you to understand changes in the market by key demographic audiences and appreciate sector-specific behaviours. This type of insight, which is available through Experian’s segmentation portfolio, is particularly useful if you are light on customer data or looking to launch new propositions.

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