Multi-channel marketing and optimisation

Creating and activating your audiences across numerous publisher channels is not a straightforward task. But doing it efficiently, at scale, while maximising return on investment through optimisation is the goal for most organisations. Measuring the outcomes can also be a difficult and time-consuming task.

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Multi-channel marketing and optimisation

Once you have identified your customer and prospect profiles, the next step is to action that insight by running marketing campaigns. Find out how to do it with minimum fuss by clicking the headings below.

Once you have identified your target audience for a marketing campaign, you need to decide how and where to reach them. Data profiling and execution tools give you the ability to create your target audience once and then use it to seamlessly execute your campaigns across a wide array of marketing channels. 

Selecting your audience

You’ve done the groundwork to create your audience profiles and personas, now you need to build your audiences and execute your campaigns across your chosen channels. Often this is done in silos, with individuals working in a single channel and building a new audience each time. It doesn’t have to be this way, though – Experian has a solution that enables you to build your audience once and use it across multiple channels.

Build once for efficiency

There are many pressures on marketing functions, but one of the top metrics is return on investment (ROI). Many campaigns or channels are selected primarily with this in mind. This is often difficult to measure effectively when multiple channels are being used, however. You can increase efficiency, and thereby improve ROI, by using the same base set of audience selections, building once and deploying multiple times

Upload your audience to a publisher

Your audience is ready, but how do you activate it, and where? You need to deliver your audience to the publisher, often a tricky and time-consuming task regardless of whether it’s a digital audience or a simple file. Happily, it’s possible to speed things up with the right solution. Experian, for example, has a platform with direct connections to most major publishers that can display your audience’s size before you load it.

Using a constant ‘data currency’

When working with multiple publishing partners or across borders, one of the most challenging tasks is to achieve consistency in your audience selections. Using a single source of data, such as Experian, you can create the same audiences and use it with the majority of publishers around the globe. Using a common data currency saves time and enables you to be consistent in audience selection and measurement.

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