Big data is the raw material of modern marketing, but you need analytics to make sense of it all and deliver actionable insight. It is informed understanding that brings you cross-channel customer understanding, the ability to retain existing high value customers and target and acquire new ones.

With our analytical expertise you make the link between customers on and offline. Combining insight from Hitwise and Alchemy Social with behavioural, lifestyle and financial factors —you break down data silos to create a rich picture of your customers, your company and your competitive environment.

Analytics— Top Line Capabilities

Experian Marketing Services brings you a range of cross-channel analytics resources: customer profiling and segmentation with solutions such as Mosaic and Financial Strategy segments; online insight into how millions of unique Internet users interact online across multiple industries; predictive modelling including regression analysis; Response analysis and marketing ROI; decision tree analysis (CHAID); Campaign planning and optimisation; cluster analysis; customer scoring; and factor analysis.

Analytics — Bottom Line Results

Our analytics solutions show you who your best customers really are, where and how they spend their time, what motivates them and how to engage in more effective and profitable ways. With campaigns driven by sophisticated analysis, not guesswork, you:

With campaigns driven by sophisticated analysis, not guesswork, you:

  • create meaningful KPIs and measure performance against them effectively— for better business decision making;
  • turn insight into action by, for example, building single customer views for more effective engagement;
  • understand where your (and your competitors’) customers come from, focusing marketing on the highest value approaches;
  • integrate across channels — combining email, web, direct mail, display advertising, mobile and social, for example — to multiply marketing power.

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