Oct 2020 | Credit Decisions

The Credit Festival

The time is getting close for the Credit Festival and we’re really looking forward to it. We recently announced our partnership with Credit Strategy on a month of digital events that will bring us together as an industry.

During 2020, a year which has brought such challenging times we see the Credit Festival as an opportunity to unite credit professionals across multiple sectors. We’re happy to play a fundamental role in sharing best practice on credit risk, digital transformation, vulnerability and so much more. Being able to share challenges and solutions in this time of transformation has never been more important.

Comprising of four themed weeks, each week groups together events where audiences will have similar interests, be able to share similar experiences, and where members can network more effectively with their peers.

A month-long series of digital broadcasts, Credit Festival will feature conferences, awards presentations and webinars. Running from November 3 to November 27, the festival will feature 13 separate conferences, including more than 80 sessions featuring over 200 speakers, and award programmes for multiple sectors and professions.

Find out more about the Credit Festival here.

Join us at the festival to hear from some of our senior specialists, covering topics including affordability, collections, vulnerability, commercial and consumer lending and auto finance, as well as our economic and fraud insight. For more information, please see below.

Credit Week (w/c Nov 2)

What’s the new affordable? – Rebecca Galvin, Financial Services Consulting Partner

  • How do you assess affordability for new lending in a changing market?
  • Having the right data at the right moment is key to making the best decisions
  • Let us help you to understand how to optimize the use of the data to ensure streamlined customer journeys

The days beyond pandemic – John Griffiths, Market Engagement Director, Credit & Risk

  • Trends in payment performance, the impacts of the pandemic, and what this means for the trade credit market
  • How can trade credit providers protect themselves from bad debt?
  • Understanding supply chain risk.

Supporting customers during financial hardship – Kristina Burwood Ansell, Product Director, Collections and Tracing & Colin Brown, CEO, Aryza

  • Current market trends
  • Impacts on organisations and consumers
  • How can Experian help support you and your customers

How can Open Banking help Lenders and Consumers through the Covid Crisis – Rob Haslingden, Head of Propositions & Product Marketing

  • Is Open Banking the solution to understanding financial hardship?
  • What benefits does Open Banking provide to consumers and lenders in the current crisis?
  • How is it being used operationally to understand risk and financial hardship?

FSE Week (w/c Nov 9)

Transforming Mortgages with Data – Derek Garriock, Director Design & Innovation

Lending Week (w/c Nov 16)

The [R]evolving credit economy – Mohammed Chaudhri, Chief Economist

  • Update on current state of the UK economy
  • A focus on mortgage/commercial and alternative lending markets
  • Trends looking forward
  • Extent of payment holidays across all markets

UK businesses are in crisis: How data led insight can support the right customer management strategy – Gareth Rees, Product Director Business Information Services

Auto market: Lease, Loan or Leave? – Gerardo Montoya,┬áManaging Director Automotive

Focusing on the key components of vehicle acquisition, we use Experian insight to reflect on how the recent events have affected the industry and propose some scenarios for stakeholders to consider as they prepared for an uncertain future.

Vulnerability Awareness Week (w/c Nov 23)

Using Insight to Shape Your Approach to Vulnerability During the Pandemic
Colette Land, Senior Telcos and Utilities Consulting Partner

Arrears foresight – understand how the unfolding crisis will affect your customers – Richard Langhorne, Senior Analytics Consultant & Ben Stewart, Credit Risk Manager, BMW Group Financial Services