Is your data ready for the holiday season?

Retailers know the holiday season sparks the year’s largest shopping craze, making the season the foundation of success for the whole year. Our analysis of the 2022 holiday shopping season reveals the importance of reliable addresses, high-quality emails, and accurate phone numbers for precise delivery, cost savings, and connecting with on-the-go consumers.

Read more to discover top trends from the festive shopping season and learn how data quality can help retailers end 2023 strong.

Our take on the festive holiday shopping season 2022 and why data quality is essential to your 2023 festive season strategy.

Last year, customers turned to their computers to shop during the biggest cyber week ever. Here, we outline our findings from this peak shopping time and share how our clients were prepped for success with data quality.

Over the period, we find that each contact data point plays an increasingly important role in the customer journey. Here is how our data quality services helped retailers end 2022 strong.

Is your data holiday-ready?

Data quality is a must-have to strategically reach customers and deliver a seamless experience across the entire customer journey. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about cyber week 2023 and whether it’s time to start validating your data.

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