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The war against the fraudsters ever evolving exploitation of weaknesses in existing processes is becoming progressively greater

Therefore, it is imperative that in order to win the battle, companies look to utilise the available tools in market.

With unprecedented financial support offered by government to small businesses during the pandemic, fraudsters capitalised on an environment which required rapid lending to those eligible and in need. Watch our webinar above where Graham Barrow, Director of the Dark Money files and world-renowned AML expert, shares the key trends around how criminals are exploiting UK business to perpetrate fraud and financial crime.

View more webinars in this series below.


PWC provide insights on the latest data innovations employed to understand the prevalence and concentration of fraud in government backed loans and grants and how these learning can now be applied in fraud detection, prevention and in Financial Crime compliance.

Grant MacDonald, Director of FinCrime Market Engagement, has mapped out the MO of a typical Money Laundering and shares how, by understanding these characteristics, data and analytics can be employed to identify criminals.


PwC and Experian have formed an alliance, combining respective market leading capabilities and expertise with the mission of enabling our clients to transform their approach to ongoing KYC.

Watch on-demand to hear our three-step approach to uncovering hidden FinCrime risks in your portfolio, remediating these risks and implementing an enduring solution which supports perpetual KYC.


Learn from our technology partners, Lucinity and DQ Global, on the bleeding edge AML capabilities coming to market in partnership with Experian this year.

Lucinity is a specialist SaaS company solving the growing AML challenges faced by Banks and Financial Services. Using advanced Augmented and Explainable AI systems, they transform regulatory obligations into optimized revenue opportunities, providing insights beyond just adhering to compliance obligations, to know and better understand customer risks.

In addition, hear from DQ Global on how they’ve integrated all our KYC API’s into Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Now you can get quick access to our data without worrying about integration.

SME fraud detection and automating Consumer AML remediation

Experian’s Data Labs, an innovation hub consisting of some of the UK’s leading data scientists, explain how graph technology and advanced machine learning techniques are being deployed to deliver world class contextual intelligence to address emerging SME Fraud risks.

Experian’s Identity and Fraud business introduce our very latest advances in enabling automated consumer remediation and reducing unnecessary customer outreach. By leveraging Identity Resolution, authentication, fraud consortium data and trace services, we’ve uniquely combined capabilities to transform your current approach to consumer AML remediation activity.