You don’t need big data or small data: you need the right data and insight to reach your prospects

As B2B marketing and sales leads, you get bombarded with sales messages promising the most data to reach your new prospects. They promise that you can buy a database for marketing, that it is the biggest data list, the most comprehensive marketing data, millions of records.

Big data. That’s got to be good hasn’t it? It means you can see trends and get the most coverage of your market. But how do you manage such huge data sets? Your systems are overwhelmed, you can’t find what you need and it takes so long to be sure you have the right data, it loses value every day.

So, maybe the answer is small data? It’s so much simpler and more cost-effective. You can use it quickly and make your programme more personalised, confident in the accuracy of the data. But what if that doesn’t give you enough insight or coverage in your target market? Are you leaving money on the table by not having enough data?

What is the answer? The answer is to harness to power of big data with insight to create a focused approach which delivers the right data.

Starting with big data brings:

  • A comprehensive view from multiple sources of market trends and industry insights
  • A view of emerging opportunities by looking at macro trends
  • The ability to use predictive analytics for data driven decisions

Applying insight to the big data creates focus for:

  • A targeted audience with the highest propensity
  • A customer-centric approach tailoring the approach to meet specific needs
  • A manageable data set for ease of understanding and execution
  • Transparency for confidence in accuracy and compliance

How can we help?

With a database of over five million companies and hundreds of searchable variables and attributes, we combine the most accurate big data with the expertise and insight so that you can find the best prospects to fuel your marketing and sales campaigns.

BusinessView is your go-to platform for finding high quality company contacts.

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