Nov 2018 | Small Business

Based in Oldbury, Hinks Haulage is a leading shipping, haulage and warehousing company covering the whole of the UK. With a modern fleet of high quality, versatile trucks, along with a dedicated and uniformed workforce, it’s responsible for loading and consolidating freight ready to be shipped around the world.

Managing Director, Brian Hinks, has been an Experian Business Express customer for several years, using the tool to check the business credit scores of all his customers.

Ensuring financial wellbeing

With general enquiries coming in almost daily, Brian needed to be confident that the people he works with are reliable and will be able to pay for his services.

Brian chose Experian Business Express to check the credit scores of potential new customers, and to monitor the scores of existing clients. Explaining further, he said:

“We needed to be confident that if we offered credit it wouldn’t come back to hurt us in the long run. Experian Business Express has been a great help with this because we can see straightaway if there are any risks associated with a client.”

The Hinks Haulage team use Experian Business Express every two or three days, and have set up alerts to monitor the scores of long term clients. Brian added:

“Using the tool gives us peace of mind in a matter of minutes, which lets us stay true to our commitment of responding to enquiries as soon as possible. It allows us to monitor exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, and helps us decide what approach to take financially – either offering credit or requiring payment upfront.

“I’ve always found Experian Business Express so straightforward to use. The information it provides is extremely comprehensive.”

Continued growth

Hinks Haulage has set its sights on future growth, but this clearly wouldn’t be possible without financial stability. By checking the credit history of any company that contacts them, Brian and the team can ensure that every business deal is secure, with minimum financial risks.

“For us, Experian Business Express has been invaluable, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to remove the risk from their business transactions.”


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