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Attracting new customers, keeping them engaged and turning them into repeat customers is essential for the growth and health of any business. Contact us to find out how targeting can help your business flourish.

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How can Experian help?

Experian can help you reach your target audiences, to understand their needs and to serve them the right offers and products. Its solutions can tailor interaction so that it happens at the right time, in the right locations and channels. It can also manage your existing customers using data insights and measure the outcomes of your marketing campaigns.

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The success of virtually any business relies on truly understanding local markets and using data and analytics to extract insights about a particular location and its population. Location-based data assets can be applied to almost any marketing campaign or audience cohort. Find out how location data can work for you.

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Gaining a deep understanding of your existing customers and prospects will allow you to better engage with them by delivering the right messages in the right channels. Explore how a deeper understanding can help you achieve better ROI on your marketing spend.

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Once you understand your existing customer profiles, you need to consider the best channels to invest your marketing budget in to maximise your ROI. Discover how cross-channel strategy and planning that evolves around the images and personas of your ideal customer can boost marketing returns.

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Activate / Optimise

Learn how to create marketing campaigns that have the impact to attract new customers and ensure your audiences receive the right messages, in the right channels, in the right locations at the right time. With optimised campaigns, you can achieve the best ongoing outcomes for your marketing spend.

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Your ability to deliver relevant experiences that engage your customers relies on accessing accurate and compliant customer data to support marketing and analytics. Find out how to evaluate the outcomes of your marketing campaigns and understand the effect of your marketing across all channels.

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