Crisis Response Report

Assessing the readiness of UK organisations to manage the impacts of a consumer crisis

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Understanding the value of crisis response preparedness

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way many organisations operate, rapidly accelerating emerging technology-enabled trends such as remote working and digital service delivery. The upheaval caused by the pandemic brought into sharp focus the vital importance of adaptability, resilience and crisis management for organisations of all types.


About this report

This report presents the experiences of businesses and individuals during the 18 months up to December 2021, delving into their experiences of crises, the subsequent response and outcomes.

The first study surveyed 500 senior C-suite leaders, business owners and directors from a wide range of industries, including retail, professional services, healthcare, education, hospitality and financial services.

The second study surveyed more than 2,000 members of the public from across the UK.

By comparing the views of businesses with the experiences and expectations of the public, this report aims to highlight the key issues facing organisations when preparing for any crisis, and the priorities they face in fulfilling public expectations of crisis management.

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Key findings at a glance

of respondents said their organisation had experienced a crisis in the previous 18 months

felt they were at risk of a crisis within the next 18 months

of C-suite respondents said they / their families had been personally impacted by a data breach

of leaders surveyed are worried about the financial impact of responding poorly to a crisis

If an organisation handled a crisis poorly, 53% of consumers surveyed would file a complaint and 42% would move their custom elsewhere

Only 50% of organisations surveyed have a crisis- response plan in place. 83% of consumers expect organisations to have such a plan.

of organisations surveyed have no consumer crisis notification process in place

Only 7% of businesses that had experienced a data breach were able to inform customers within 24 hours. 55% of consumers expect to be informed within 24 hours

of leaders thought responding positively to a crisis would increase customers and business

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We're here to help you and provide the help required for Crisis Response. Prioritise your preparation and start planning toward a more secure future

Experian Reserved Response

Working with you to build out your plan

Building out your consumer response plan is one of the single most important steps your business can make to ensure you have the right resources in place to deliver a comprehensive response to an incident in a timely and confident way. Our proven experts have developed a service which includes insight into why certain readiness steps are important, ensuring your team are knowledgeable about the key components of a consumer recovery plan.

How Experian can help you respond with confidence in a crisis

The Experian Crisis & Data Breach Response team has more than a decade of experience in supporting businesses to resource and manage data-breach and crisis-response programmes on any scale.

Our specialists use proven methodology to guide you through the process of evaluating your resources, identifying skills gaps, developing response plans, building a response team, and preparing customer notification processes – so that your organisation is ready to handle any crisis when it occurs. Where required, we can provide inbound and outbound mass consumer notifications and call centre capabilities to support your response.

We can adapt our services and resource provision to suit businesses of all sizes. At the simplest level, we can help you to build a basic recovery plan using our free Experian readiness hub. Or we can offer more tailored advice, support and services, including delivering a fully supported, account managed and guaranteed reserved response service, in the UK and internationally.

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Our key service areas

Identity monitoring

  • Identity Plus: Credit & Dark Web Monitoring
  • Identity Works Global: Dark Web Monitoring

Consumer notification and fulfilment management

  • Postal letter outreach
  • Email outreach
  • SMS outreach

Consumer response inbound resourcing and management

  • Contact centre facility
  • Contact centre agents
  • Live web chat
  • Email response management

Consumer response messaging templates

  • Frequently Asked Questions library
  • Communication templates, (sample letters/emails)

Response planning, managing & reporting

  • Response readiness planning
  • Management of resources and fulfilment schedules
  • Management information reporting

Address verification and cleansing services

  • Contact data verification, quality checks and updates

Video guides

Watch our series of Data Breach interviews with Jim Steven, Head of Data Breach Response.

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Notification to customers and employees

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How quickly should you notify individuals?

How quickly should you notify individuals?

How can it impact brand loyalty and reputation?

How can it impact brand loyalty and reputation?

Are you prepared for the inbound calls?

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Meet the Data Breach Response Team

Jim Steven, Head of Data Breach Response

Experian Consumer Services
M: (+44) 07972 298698

Georgia Hohmann

Georgia Hohmann, Sales & Marketing Executive

Experian Consumer Services
M: (+44) 07989 739 062

Jo Pritchard - Data Breach

Jo Pritchard, Crisis Response Executive

Experian Consumer Services
M: (+44) 07812 770418

Image of Ryan Bradshaw

Ryan Bradshaw, Senior Breach Response Manager

Experian Consumer Services
M: (+44) 07866 126733

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