Avoid payment fraud and error, help ensure payments are made to the right person, first time, every time

Experian’s payments solutions help you to ensure you have the right payments data so that error doesn’t cause failure. Check bank account ownership and submit payment files using our secure payments portal to reduce fraud and improve Straight-Through-Processing rates. Validate and verify bank account data as you collect it, in real-time, while your customer is still present to provide you with any corrections needed. Make sure that you can process your customers payments and that the money is going to, or coming from the person you intend.


Data validation with Bank Wizard

Bank account data checking.

What it does: Checks bank account details are valid in real-time.

Used for: Checking UK and international bank account data, for error that could cause payments to fail.


Data verification with Bank Wizard Absolute

Checking bank account ownership.

What it does: Checks bank account details to make the link between your customers and their bank accounts.

Used for: Checking UK current account details to ensure the account belongs to the person you expect.


Payments processing with Experian Payments Gateway

Secure and efficient access to the UK Bacs and Faster Payments schemes.

What it does:Manage payment submission with controlled, secure access and intelligent reporting.

Used for: Submitting payments to UK Bacs and Faster Payments

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