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Predictive power for fair and compelling quotes

Experian’s new Delphi Generation 11 scorecard is based on a simple idea: when we can see a unique individual clearly, we can meet their unique needs better. And by providing the richest view of an insurance applicant yet, Generation 11 has become insurers’ most potent tool for making the right decisions.

Compared with current risk scorecards, Generation 11 data provides 14% more predictive power in finding ‘good’ customers – that is, those who don’t make unreasonable future claims or fail to make direct-debit payments. It allows insurers to offer more policies without taking on unacceptable risk. And it gives online customers personalised quotes at compelling prices, in milliseconds.

A step change in scorecards

Like the ancient oracle that inspired the name, Delphi scorecards help insurers predict the future with unrivalled accuracy. Who is most likely to claim? How much for? Is the applicant’s risk profile changing?

Knowing the answers to these questions lets insurers offer the fairest quotes for the most appropriate products.

The power of Generation 11 comes from its new prediction-enhancing data blocks and its wide array of new insights into applicants – including data showing trends. These give insurers the fullest picture of an insurance applicant yet, instantly.

Trends not just snapshots

For the first time, Generation 11 includes trends in the applicant’s position over time, turning a snapshot of today into a moving picture showing the past six, 12, 24 or 36 months. It includes insurers key patterns, such as whether the applicant’s risk level is increasing or falling.

That means more predictive power, more responsible decision making, and a fairer deal for the customer.

Predictive power

Generation 11 has unrivalled power in predicting how a consumer is likely to behave. Key to this are insights based on the most up-to-date view of UK consumer behaviours.

Recency of data used for prediction matters: the more up-to-date the better. Firstly that’s because consumer behaviour changes: how someone with a particular profile tended to act 10 years ago may not reflect how they might act today.

Secondly, there are niche consumer segments today – with their own behavioural trends – which did not exist ten years ago. Aged data will predict these applicants’ behaviour poorly.

Fair, compelling quotes based on the whole picture

The more of an applicant the insurer can see, the better they can tailor their product and quote. Generation 11 provides the most comprehensive view of the applicant yet. New insights and metrics help insurers differentiate between customers who might look the same according to a narrower view.

Lightning speed to quote

Delphi Generation 11 can do all this while handling vast volumes of queries at lightning speed. It is delivered by iCache, which handles 15 million queries a day already, with all returned in under 200 milliseconds.

More fairness, more sales, less risk

Because Generation 11 is more predictive of an applicant’s likelihood of making a claim, customers get the right price, one that is fair for that particular individual.

This also allows providers to insure applicants who may have been declined under a Generation 9 assessment, without taking on greater risk. The insurer has a better understanding of the likely cost to them of the policy. These benefits will save insurers millions while making insurance more inclusive and accessible.

Policies that fit

By fully understanding the applicant, Generation 11 helps insurers guide them to the product that fits them, not just someone who looks broadly like them.

It also opens up the possibility of insurers developing profitable niche products that suit particular segments. Applicants get the product they want without extra friction and without dropping out of the digital channel to explain their precise situation on the phone. Personalisation builds trust, and trust builds lasting consumer relationships.

A zero-friction quote journey

Generation 11 provides maximum insight from minimum customer input, with a low-friction journey to a quick, compelling quote.


Delphi Generation 11 data is available via our iCache product. To ease the transition, insurers can explore the power of Generation 11 data while still running on Generation 9.

Get in touch for a demonstration of the effectiveness of Gen 11 with your own portfolio.

*Based on a case study with a large insurer, comparing Generation 9 CAIS score (91BON) with Generation 11 CAIS score (11BBN).