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UK affordability

Measuring affordability is nothing new, but the current volatility of the UK economy, increasing financial pressures impacting both consumer and business finances means circumstances can change quickly, which makes measuring affordability key and complex.

With our range of solutions including personalised affordability bureau insights, Open Banking data and employment verification we can help you to seamlessly verify a consumer’s income and expenditure whilst understanding their financial wellbeing, not only today, but at every stage of the lifecycle.

Helping you to make the right decisions, act quickly and responsibly, and do what is right throughout your relationship, driving better customer outcomes.

Consumer affordability

Understanding a consumer’s financial health has never been more important. With Experian Affordability, we make sure you can treat every consumer as an individual; our solutions allow you to seamlessly verify a consumer’s income and expenditure to improve your understanding of their financial well-being and capacity to afford a service or credit, so you can make the right decisions at the right time and drive better outcomes for everyone.

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Commercial and business affordability

Being able to assess the affordability of facilities quickly and effectively for commercial customers has never been more critical. Not only does it help meet increasing demands from regulators – especially with respect to responsible lending and Consumer Duty, it also improves margins based on reduced referrals and underwriting; minimises bad debt through reliable and automated application of affordability criteria; and enhances and accelerates customer experiences to create new competitive edge.

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