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Quick, fair and frictionless lending decisions. Customers today expect credit applications to be simple and to get a response almost instantly, but how do you provide a slick lending solution without exposing your company to unnecessary risk? The answer lies in using smart tools to quickly assess your customers’ finances...

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Whether you’re assessing affordability for a single customer or building new credit risk strategies, Experian has the tools you need. Explore how we can help by opening the sections below…  

How do you know you have the correct contact details for your clients? Today’s smart tracing solutions help you verify a customer’s address and phone number and reconnect with clients who have moved. 

Verify your customer’s current address and phone number

It can be tricky getting hold of customers.  Smart tracing systems like Experian’s Supertrace cross-reference a range of customer and organisational data to help you verify a customer’s contact details and alert you if they change.

Quickly track down existing clients

Around 2.6 million people in the UK have moved home in recent times - that’s 11% of the entire population. Understandably, in the hustle and bustle of moving, some forget to tell their credit providers about their new address, resulting in ‘lost’ customers. Contact tracing systems allow you to quickly establish new addresses and phone numbers for your customers.

Stay compliant with accurate customer matches

Cross-checking solutions provide a greater degree of accuracy than was previously possible. This enables you to know you’re dealing with the right customer and ensure all communications are appropriate and compliant.

Review supporting evidence

When investigating tracing solutions for your business, look for ones that let you check which sources have been used to pinpoint a customer’s address. Experian’s Supertrace, for example, offers a summary of its data that includes a residency score, common occupancy data (i.e. the people they live with) and Land Registry property ownership details.


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