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When markets are uncertain and rapidly changing, it's vital that your business can accurately understand consumer credit behaviour, without needing to invest in complex, costly systems.

The use of sophisticated credit decisioning technology and credit scoring workflows  can deliver game-changing decisioning across the customer lifecycle. Strengthen your credit decisioning and scoring strategies, gain new insights, increase your speed to market and stay ahead of regulations. Moving away from outdated legacy systems will also enable you to reduce costs and increase efficiency while offering customers a better experience and better outcomes.

Credit decisioning technology and solutions

With increasing uncertainty and economic turbulence, credit scorecards are more important than ever, with banks and lenders seeking to understand how consumer behaviour is changing and what that means for their lending decisions.

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Decisioning data and automated credit scoring

In uncertain times, accurate credit scoring models are essential for predicting risk and value. And the more accurate you can be, the more confidence you can have in your scorecards and decisions. With customers and balance sheets both under pressure, not to mention the cost of living crisis, many organisations are prioritising sustainable growth. As a result, continually-updated and automated scoring models are becoming essential, as they are much faster to recalibrate, test and rebuild than traditional models.

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Credit scoring modelling, scorecards and processes

When making credit decisions, it’s important that you offer the right terms, to the right people. But, if your scorecards are out of date, they may be providing an inaccurate representation of your customers. By reviewing your lending criteria, you can ensure you target people who are more likely to respond to your offers and meet your credit criteria, providing the best offers to increase approval rates and minimise bad debt.

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Decision analytics

Decision analytics shouldn’t be difficult nor time-consuming. Analytics transform Experian’s unrivalled but sometimes complex data into something simple and actionable. Data platforms offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy both quality and quantity of data. Used in combination with a decisioning platform, such as PowerCurve, that enables the fast deployment of new models and scorecards, the possibilities are infinite.

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Credit risk modelling and management

Credit risk modelling allows businesses to understand, manage, and reduce risk, playing a crucial role in maintaining profitability. This means businesses can reduce flow into collections, leverage data and analytics within customer engagements, and uncover new areas of market opportunity.

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Our credit risk solutions

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