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If you’re looking to expand your team, sourcing a top candidate is only the first part of the process

When you start to feel like you’ve found the perfect fit, it’s vital that you find out whether your dream hire is exactly who they say they are well before you onboard them. Bad recruitment decisions can be a disaster for your brand.

Lies or embellishments on a CV can result in you hiring someone without the right qualifications or experience. Not only does this impact on your time and money, but it can have a hugely negative effect on the rest of your workforce and crucially, your customers. When problems trickle down to the forefront of your business, you’ll soon be able to spot the impact on your balance sheet.

In an Experian survey, 7.3% of businesses admitted to carrying out no pre-employment background checks at all. Done in-house, these checks can take time and add pressure to already-stretched HR personnel. Plus, the risks of non-compliance can include fines and even criminal convictions, as well as the reputational issues outlined above.

“With the right due diligence, you can reduce your exposure to risk and protect your brand reputation.”
Successful onboarding in a competitive landscape, Experian

Research from fraud prevention service CIFAS revealed that employment application fraud is the second most common type of internal fraud.1 By carrying out a few simple checks, you can save yourself the risk of costly bad or fraudulent hires. Quick and easy screening solutions, such as Experian’s Candidate Verifier, offer an efficient route to avoiding potential issues. Our pre-employment screening solution can also be used either as a managed or integrated option, giving you all the insight you need into someone’s identity, education, employment history and any relevant criminal record information to help you review for inconsistent or adverse information you should be aware of before employment.

It’s not just for new hires either. Rescreening is a valuable tool for keeping up with important changes in the lives of your existing talent pool. For example, there could be lapsed professional memberships, new, undisclosed criminal offences or even an issue that slipped through the net during previous manual checks. Regular rescreening helps to remove potentially damaging risks and plays an important role in creating a trusting environment.

Our integrated digital HR solutions can support you to make confident decisions, retain great employees and create a positive employee journey for your existing and future workforce. To find out more about the background checks we offer, contact our specialists today.

What pre-employment screening can we help with?

  • Right to work checks
  • Criminal records check
  • Identity and adverse financial checks
  • Validation checks
  • Reference checks

Source: 1. CIFAS.org.uk